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May 21 – June 8, 2019. Two travelers, 19 – days trip

May 21 Tuesday, 2019

We take care of the necessary items and fast-food products, and 2:30 pm we moved from Kaunas, Lithuania with 96% electric car battery (435 km). After 3:10 pm we stopped at Kalvarijų post. We arrive with 71% battery. At 4:00 pm we charged up to 98% of the electric car battery and drive to Warsaw via Suwalki , Augustow , Lomza , Ostroleka , Pultusk cities. We didn’t regret choosing this route because the cars were not much, the road was good. In the city ​​of Ostroleka we found the Circle K petrol station and McDonald’sa fast food restaurant that was next to each other. For those who like to travel and eat unhealthy food, this is a great place to taste sausages and coffee, or hamburgers and Coca-Cola. 9:00 pm we arrive at the Lidl store in the suburb of Warsaw, at Modlinska 35A, 03-199, Warszawa, Poland. Here we found free charging stations for the electric car that started and loaded without problems (Type 2 – 43 kw, Chademo – 50 kw, CCS – 50 kw). This charging station stops after 20 minutes and then needs to be restarted. There is the Lidl shop, the bp gas station, the McDonald’s fast food restaurant, where until the electric car was charging, we work on computers, drink coffee. 11:00 pm with 99% of the battery, we moved from the Lidl store to Krakow city. Accommodation in Krakow city

May 22 Wednesday, 2019

At 3:00 am we arrived to the town of Kielce. Several free charging stations were protected by slag, so we charged the electric car at the free charging station of the BMW center (the night watchman allowed to load, although the information was written – only for BMW brand cars). 7:00 am with 85% battery going to Krakow city ​​via the S7 road (not a toll road). At 9:00 am we arrived at the Ikea store in Krakow with 54% of the car batteries. Unfortunately, Greenway’s charging stations have not started (four charging stations have been built here). We had breakfast at the Ikea café. Breakfast fee for two persons [EUR 3.40]. Then we drive to Krakow John Paul II – Balice International Airport (KRK), but the charging stations was occupied by electric taxi cars. We didn’t pay for car parking because we were less than 5 minutes, otherwise 1 hour costs PLN 9/ EUR 2.10. 11:30 am with 45% battery coming to Shopping Mall Galeria Krakowska. Here we found a free charging station. Car parking costs 1 hour – PLN 2/ EUR 0.46. We paid for parking for 4.5 hours [ZLT 12/ EUR 2.80]. 3:30 pm we charged the car battery up to 78% and drive to the city of Zakopane. 6:20 pm we arrived in Nowy Targ city, we tried to charge the electric car at Ruczaj hotel area but unsuccessfully. 7:15 pm we moved to the next stop. 7:50 pm we arrive at the ski resort called Osrodek Narciarski Kotelnica Bialczanska. Battery remaining 44%. Here we stay overnight (free charging station, Type 2 stop)

May 23 Thursday, 2019

7:30 am we got up and went to the city of Zakopane. Reaching the target, we charge the electric car at a free fast charging station (address: Tadeusza Kosciuzki 14, Zakopane). We continue to drive through Narodny Park Velka Fatra, Slovakia (98% of the battery). At 11:40 am near the town of Budča, at the Fresh Corner petrol station, we charge an electric car (free AC stop). The petrol station employee turned on a slow charge, fast charging did not start

2:50 pm driving towards Hungary on roads 2 and 7 (free roads) visiting all small towns (88% of battery). We avoided motorways marked with M letters because they can only be driven by the Vignette (toll). 6:00 pm we arrive in the center of Budapest (55% battery). At the Lidl store (Lidl Magyarorszag Bt. 1037 Budapest RADL AROK 6), we charged an electric car at a free charging station. At 9:40 pm we stopped loading an electric car at Lake Balaton (a stop at Siofok Viztorony or Supermarket SPARK). The charging station worked, loaded for free. 11:00 pm we drive towards Zamardi city near Lake Balaton. Accommodation near the lake

May 24 Friday, 2019

8:10 am we left the hostel. We visited Lake Balaton. We continue our trip and drive on the 3 (D3) road (free of charge) to the Croatian town of Zagreb. We take the road from Hungary through the Slovenian and then enter in Croatia. They checked our passports at the border. We drive (free of charge road) through the cities of Čakovec and Varaždin in northern Croatia. 2:00 pm we stopped to charge the electric car at the City of town hall Gradski uprava, Zagreb. There was many shops and currency exchange facilities at the Glavni Kolodvor Bus Station. In one of them we changed the euro to Croatian Kunas. 4:40 pm we moved from the city of Zagreb.We chose road marked 1 no. to Karlovac (road free of charge). 5:50 pm at Vučna Služba Fran we stopped charging the car battery (free of charge). 6:20 pm ee moved to the Adriatic Sea, the city of Senj. We’re driving road marked 23 no., this road is free of charge, winding mountain road from Karlovac to the city ​​of Senj. The road is very picturesque, it is worth choosing this route! We stopped in a wonderful location from which we saw the mountain views. There we boil coffee on the gas cylinder, eaten snacks, got rest. 8:50 pm we drive further to the city ​​of Senj. 8:50 pm we arrived to the city ​​of Senj. Senj town in Croatia is located on the Adriatic coast between Rijeka and Zadar. This settlement is over 3000 years old. It is one of the oldest settlements on the Croatian Adriatic coast. We stayed there overnight

May 25 Saturday, 2019

We got up at 6:00 am, walked around the town of Senj and chose the toll-free road E65 to the city of Zadar. 8:30 am we stop at Hotel Zagreb Karlobag. Buffet breakfast costs 45 KN/ [EUR 6 x 1 person]. 9:50 am we go further. After 30 km to the town of Zadar, take the E65 road to Jadranska Magistral (free road). At 11:30 am near Kaufland shopping center in Zadar city, we charge electric car for free (we come with 35% of battery). 2:00 pm we choose to stay at AUTOCAMP MALENICA, which located 12 km from Zadar towards Sibenik city. Camping costs [EUR 5 x 1 person] and car parking [EUR 2,50]. Internet and electricity (for phones) free of charge. Camping is cozy, with lots of big trees, nice showers, toilets. The Adriatic Sea is very nearby. In the evening we went with our own bicycles to D-Marin Dalmsation

May 26 Sunday, 2019

12:00 pm we leave the campsite. Turn to Lake Vrana (Dalmatia) – the lake is surrounded by mountains. Climb up to the bird-watching tower to see everything from above. There is a paid trail along the lake. It is also possible to charge the car (free of charge). 1:40 pm we stopped in Šibenik near Kaufland supermarket (Address: Vukovarska ul. 10, 22000, Sibenik, Croatia) to charge electric car at free of charge charging station. When charging the car battery up to 99%, we drive 3:00 pm towards Split city. We did not see the city of Šibenik because of the rain. 4:20 pm we arrived to Split Shopping Mall – City Center One Split. In the Information Center we took a card with which we released free loading. The charging stations are easy to find on the 0 th floor. When the rain stopped, we parked the car near Split’s Old Town (free of charge). The west side ​​of Split city and the ship’s coast are very beautiful. Be careful when driving as the white asphalt is very slippery. There were situations when the car slide like on ice, we saw accidents due to slippery road pavement. Accommodation on the way from Split to Makarska town

May 27 Monday, 20192

8:30 am we drive to Makarska town. We pass small, beautiful towns: Jesenice, Duče, Omiš. Very heavy rain was all day. 10:10 am we arrived at Aparthotel Miramare in Makarska. At the hotel reception we asked to charge the electric car, the administrator with the card started charging. The charging station is slow, but free of charge. We came to Centrum Pizzeria, a pizzeria in the very center of the city. We ordered a big pizza and it really matched the size of XL [KN 115 – EUR 15.63]. The city ​​of Makarska left a lasting impression on me: wonderful coasts, beautiful beaches, cozy narrow streets, beautiful architecture of the buildings, the port of the harbor, the surrounding mountains… 3:00 pm we arrived in KEMP ČISTE. Camping price including electricity [KN 97 – EUR 13]. Seafront location with mountain views

May 28 Tuesday, 2019

11:20 am we left the campsite KEMP ČISTE and go towards the city ​​of Dubrovnik. 12:40 pm we drive throught Bosnia and Herzegovina border. then back to Croatia. We arrive at the town of Ston on the island of Orebič. It can be reached by car. In the Tourist Information Center, we asked for a card to start the charging station for an electric car. Electric car parking is free, charging is also for free. While the car is charging, we walk around the mountain town of Ston . There is a chance to climb in the high mountain – The Walls of Stone by visiting the castle at the top. Cost of entertainment for adult 70 kn and 30 kn for child. On the hill you will see the walls of Ston which are a series of defensive stone walls, over 7 km long. The walls are surrounded by the city ​​of Ston , in Dalmatia, part of the Ragusa Republic, currently in southern Croatia. Their construction began in 1358. Today, it is the second longest preserved system in the world. The walls of Ston were known as “China’s European Wall”. You can also see salt fields – Saltworks Ston . I recommend buy Mikado chocolate with rice crumbs in local shop. After all we driving towards Dubrovnik, the road is a breathtaking image. I want to go and admire every minute. 15:40 pm we arrive at Dubrovnik. Leave the car at Privredna Bank Zagreb (Ul. Josipa Kosora 4, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia). Free parking from 22:00 to 06:00 am, other time hourly cost 10 Kn – 1.36 Eur. We go by bike along the Walls of Dubrovnik, dropping down to Lighthouse Porporela. Very beautiful coastline in Shetland Nika i Meda Pucića. Accommodation near Dubrovnik

May 29 Wednesday, 2019

9:00 am we drive to Prevlaka, the very end of Croatia. It is not a popular tourist destination. Roads are still under construction, and castles are being maintained on the highlands. There is also a post between Montenegro and Croatia. On the other side of the sea, Montenegro’s shores were seen on the way. 2486 km with electric car – FREE! Go back again to Ston town in Orebić. I have already mentioned that Mikado chocolate was bought with great taste. By the way, this chocolate is also traded in Lidl stores, only the packaging is not paper. At 2:00 pm, crossing the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, the passport has not been checked and passports checked at entry to Croatia. We are camping in Zaostrog town. The campsite is called AUTO CAMP DALMACIJA, price without electricity [KN 82 – EUR 11.08] per day. Free Wi-Fi is available at the campsite. Very beautiful coast, but not wide. The town is small, but here you will find a number of cafés. In the evening, we ride a bike on the coast of Zaostrog, it is a quiet, tidy, beautiful town

May 30 Thursday, 2019

11:20 am we arrived to Makarska town. Leave the car at Aparthotel Miramare. The weather is very good, sunny day, so we decided to spend time here. Makarska is amazing! We walk around the Forrest Park in Osejava and Polarize Petar Parks. We go to Sveti Petar Lighthouse and Spomenik Sv. Petra in places of interest. Here you can climb to the mountains, go for a walk. Makarska boasts a long coastline. The abundance of vegetation has attracted attention. We saw the dolphin family! They jumped over the water for about 10 minutes to pick up the air, and then dipped into the depths of the Adriatic Sea. We drive back to AUTO CAMP DALMACIJA overnight camping price without electricity [KN 82 – EUR 11.08] per day

May 31 Friday, 2019

We leave the campsite AUTO CAMP DALMACIJA at 11:30 am.Friday is full of activities: about 3 hours and about 5 km we climbed to the top of the 1422 m high Vošac hill. When we landed from the top of the mountain, we had spent time at Makarska Beach. While traveling towards Split , we visited Baška Voda town. There was a port, a beautiful coastline, many cafes. Accommodation at Omiš town

June 1 Saturday, 2019

We found a self-service laundry in Split. I washed and dried the clothes for [Kn 35 – EUR 4.75]. We walk around Split city and its coasts. After that we drive to Primošten city. Late in the evening we leave the car in the city of Šibenik at the Kaufland shoping centre car parking. We visited the quiet and old town of Šibenik and the port of the ships.We climbed to St. Michael’s Fortress. After evening walking, we headed to the city ​​of Zadar, through Jadranska Magistrala. When the evening came, we found a very quiet and peaceful place on the way, with many campsites. It is a place off the Adriatic coast. There are 7 campsites around the bay. Overnight stay in the car (the car was equipped with a lodging facility in it)

June 2 Sunday, 2019

Early in the morning we came to Camp Malenica [Kn 74,13 – EUR 10] price for one day stay. We spend time on the beach. In the evening we visited the city ​​of Zadar. From Camp Malenica, Zadar city is about 10 km away. We left the car at the Kaufland shopping center car parking. From here the Zadar old town is a 1-hour walk away. Old town is surrounded by a stone wall. Everything looks authentic. We’ll return to Camp Malenica overnight

June 3 Monday, 2019

In the morning we spend time on the beach. 11:15 am we headed for the city ​​of Rijeka. We stop on Maslenica Bridge. Worth to see a view of the bridge! 4:15 pm We reached Rijeka city. The car rechargeable free, parking garage Zagrad B. We walked around the city a couple of hours. At 6 o’clock in the evening +30 degrees Celsius. We’re going further. Leave to charge the electric car at the Hep Sportaka dvorana building (free of charge).We walking around Opatija resort – Very Luxurious! Completely different from Rijeka, despite that just 12 km from the city. 8:00 pm we continue on the Istria Peninsula. Stay in a small village for a night

June 4 Tuesday, 2019

At 8:00 am we continue to the bottom of the peninsula, route 66 road, which is considered to be the most dramatic, with frequent turns. The peninsula is on the Adriatic Sea between the Gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner. It is shared by three countries: Croatia , Slovenia and Italy. Most of the Istrian peninsula is in Croatia , which includes the Istrian county (the region is dominated by Italian). 9:40 am we come to Pula city. The car is loaded in the Maxcity shopping center, on the -3 T floor. Parking for the first three hours is free, followed by a fourth, fifth, sixth hour – 10 kn, and another hours – 20 kn. We have been looking at the thousands of years of Roman amphitheater Amfiteatar u Puli (otherwise known as the Pula Arena). It is one of the six largest Roman amphitheaters in the world and the only one to date has preserved all four towers. Today the arena is not empty, there are various concerts, festivals, sports competitions. 1:00 pm we drive to village Rovinj. Town is only for pedestrians. We pass Poreč town. Next to Umag town. On the way we saw camping sites big, more expensive than elsewhere in Croatia. One night ussualy cost over 20 eur. We left the car in Umag town, near Kaufland shopping centre. We came near the sea. The coast is ugly, the water is not clean. Everything does not look like in southern Croatia. The Istria peninsula left us with no impression compared to the rest of Croatia. At 9:00 pm we go back to the town of Opatija through the towns of Livade, Buzet, Roch. Part of the road with partitions, new asphalt and the other part very, very winding. We stayed in a car in Opatija, at a charging station near Hep Sportaka Dvorana, where we charged an electric car for a further journey

June 5 Wednesday, 2019

At 7:40 am we leave Rijeka, we choose 3 number marked road (toll – free) towards Karlovac. Good weather, the sun is shining, it is unfortunate to leave Croatia. When we arrived in Vrbovsko city, we loaded the electric car at a stop that was not listed in the program as running. We decided to stay in Croatia. We went towards Senj free roads marked 42 and 23 numbers. 1:30 pm we arrived at Camp Skver. Camping registration is open until 1 pm, then closes to 6 pm. Campsite is on the seafront. Price [Kn 109 / EUR 16] per day. Walking distance to Tvrdjava Nehaj Senj Castle / Fort. Senj is one of the places worth visiting

Thursday June 6, 2019

We spent the morning on the beach. 12:00 pm we left the campsite. In the afternoon we arrived at Karlovac town, where we charged the electric car at Petrol gas station, near Vučka Služba Fran. At 3:40 pm we drove to Zagreb and charged the car to RONIS Velesajam. At 4:10 pm we moved towards Slovenia, the city ​​of Ptuj. Upon leaving Croatia, passports were checked at the Slovenian border. The employee asked to open the trunk, jokingly asked if we were carrying weapons, Muslims. In Slovenia we took 432 road (free of toll). Slovenia is beautiful country. At 6:50 pm we arrived to Ptuj and charged the electric car. 7:40 pm we drove to Austria. The State border between Sloveniaand the Austrians crossed the Mura River. Only after entering the country on Route 69, we stopped at the Lidl store to charge the electric vehicle. At 8:30 pm we continue towards Vienna on Route 66 (free of toll). In Austria, navigation led to detours and rural roads. Sometimes Toll roads are worth considering, as zigzags roads require to driving. We passed Hartberg city. Overnight in Ebreichsdorf town, there was a car charging station (free of toll). We drove 500 km today

Friday June 7, 2019

At 8:00 am we drove to Vienna. We was driving around the city center to get an overall view about Vienna. Well, very, very beautiful urban architecture! It’s worth coming and staying longer. Then we charged the electric car at the Lidl store car parking in Mistelbach town, Austria. Further towards the Czech Republic, to the city of Ostrava. At 12:00 pm we cross the Czech country border. Take the free road towards Ostrava. We passed the towns of Hodon, Uherske Hradiste, Zlin, Hranice. At 3:30 pm we drove to Ostrava city. We loaded the car at Lidl store car parking. At 5:00 pm we left Ostrava city, choose the freeof toll 78 road. We passed by Rybnik, Gliwice. Then take the 908 road past Częstochowa. We stopped at the Orleans gas station charging station just after entering Poland. Unfortunately, we couldn’t run it without a special card and the service station didn’t have it. At 1:00 am we arrived in Warsaw. We charged the electric car at the Lidl store car parking. Today we covered 600 km. Accommodation in Warsaw

Saturday June 8, 2019

6:40 am from the Lidl charging station in Warsaw, towards the Lithuanian Kalvarijos post charging station. The whole journey covered 5500 km