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Latvia coast 2019

Latvia (Europe)
March 15 – March 17, 2019. Two travelers, 3 days trip

March 15 Friday, 2019
We planned a trip around the Latvian coast. We traveled by electric car, as far as we could load the car at free charging stations in Lithuania, then at the charging stations in Latvia. At 1:00 pm with 60% battery we was going from Kaunas to Riga. 3:00 PM we are charging electric car next to ‘Raubonių Park’ (‘ Dino park zoo ‘), the battery remaining 32%. During that time we visited the ‘Ąžuolpamūšė ‘mound, which was nearby.

4:40 pm we have a 100% battery, traveling to Riga. When we arrived in Jelgava city in Latvia, we tried to load an electric car. A deposit of EUR 50 is charged at each stop every time you charge. We tried charging in Tukumas city with the another program, which once again debited the EUR 50 deposit. We charged about 20 minutes it cost for us [EUR 5.81], loaded 17.7 kw, from 53% to 80%.

8:50 pm we drive towards the town of Engure . Through the room reservation system, we find a ‘Srautini’ farmstead and just go there. 9:30 pm we got a place to stay for a night and it cost [EUR 15 x 1 person] (double room, one night stay)

March 16, Saturday 2019
12:00 pm we moved from the hostel with 72% of the battery. We stood by the sea and admired the woods.

1:40 pm we entered the town of Ruoja. 2:30 pm we visited ‘White dune‘. We went on a short trail.

We continued our journey towards the main goal of Kolka city . When we reached the goal, we stood on the beach, on the right side we were surrounded by the Baltic Sea and from the left on the Gulf of Riga. Kolka town has a beautiful coastline, beautiful forests.

4:00 pm we drive from Kolka towards to Ventspils city. Stop at the ‘Pine natural trail, birth wathing tower‘. We climb up to the viewing tower overlooking the wooded area, the beach and the sea.

5:30 pm we reached Ventspils, however, the electric car charging station (0069 stop) did not work. The stop was stuck because the gun was not placed in its place, so it dropped rain inside. We bleed the air in the charging gun, we cleaned it, we shook it, anyway threw the stack. We do not allow more charge, because every time they take EUR 50 deposit, this is totally absurd in our opinion, because the bill is sent immediately for the actual charge, but the deposit does not come off immediately (you had to wait about a week). This happens every time you connect the electric vehicle. For this reason, you must have not only money for travel expenses but also for all deposits in your account. Plan B – we go to the next stop. Due to inefficient infrastructure, we spent a lot of time, driving an extra 100 kilometers forward – back and we prayed that we would be able to charge the car at the next stop because the battery was down and the plan C wasn’t. The charging station was working, but charging only started the second time, because when we first started charging, we changed the language and the stop stalled, told me to reconnect, and again charged the EUR 50 deposit. Charging took over an hour to 83 percent, loading costs [EUR 18.60], 56.4 kw, 77 minutes of charging. 8:00 pm we headed toward Ventspils city, I ordered apartments ‘Modern apartment by sea and parks‘ [EUR 26] (double room, one night stay). 9:00 pm we arrive at the hostel. In the evening we walked to the Ventspils marina, we went to the lighthouse. We really liked this marina

March 17 Sunday 2019
We left the hostel at 11:30 am. 1:20 pm we walk to the pier / lighthouse in the city of Liepaja. There was jealousy because there were parking lots in Latvia right next to the sea, where cars were sailing even in very windy weather.

2:50 pm with 20% battery near the Pape resort we stop charging the electric car. After that we loaded the electric car in Lithuania, Klaipėda – Kaunas motorway, at free charging stations. In total we drove 1050 km. We paid 85 kw, which cost us [EUR 28.31], because we loaded the car in Lithuania for free, it cost 100 km [EUR 2,70]. Cheap, but only for free stops in Lithuania, and in reality, in Latvia, 100 km would cost us [EUR 6.50]. If we were driving 110 km/ h, it would cost [EUR 7.50] for 100 km. A [EUR 300] deposit has been booked for this trip when the actual charge is [EUR 28]. Basically, their stops were good, everyone was working, but there were program troubles. Because the gun is not plugged in and wet – here is the fault of the people, not the loading station, it is unfortunate that the operators do not see it installed properly. In addition, calling the operators to stop the error due to their stop we asked them to stop or return the deposit. They said we could not help because the operators just listened, passed the problem and their work ended. Operators offer a different gadget every time, without worrying about the fact that it is not a program or startup problem, but a mechanical failure. And there are many stops. There were no stops in the town of Kolka, because from Engure to Ventspils there was a lot of kilometers without intermediate loading, because the station in Ventspils doesn’t worked and it caused the problems. By the way, in the program (be.energised) the price is shown at 15 ct/ min, we got 24.20 ct/ min. Probably with their card cost 15 ct, converting to kw for about 33 ct/ kw