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Travel tips


Bukovel (Ukraine, Ski Resort)
February 4-11, 2018. Seven travelers, 8 days trip

February 4 Sunday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: 09:00 am from Kaunas ->> 8:00 pm to Zamosc, Poland
  • Accommodation: 8:00 pm I stayed at ‘Noclegi10A’, Poland. The hotel is very cheap, equipped with modern facilities, everything looks aesthetically pleasing [EUR 8 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled on foot: from the hostel just 10 minutes walk to Zamosc, Old Town. Really beautiful city. There are large parks, castles. I skated in the night ice scene of the city. I don’t know how much the skate rental cost because I had my own. I remember there was a small charge for ice entry

February 5 Monday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: 10:00 am I stopped at the Polish-Ukrainian border for a car and passport check ->> 11:00 am I arrived to Ukraine
  • Accommodation: 7:00 pm I stayed at ‘Hotel Vedmezhyi Dvir’, Bukovel. I didn’t order breakfast, I ate in mountain cafes. Prices in cafes are low and food is more varied and you can choose what you want to eat each day

February 6 Tuesday, 2018

  • I traveled by minibus: 9:00 am to the ski slopes. A minibus that takes you to the ski slopes can be booked at the hostel reception. Minibuses also ride at the bottom of the mountain, in car parks, but drivers are asking for much more than they have booked in advance. Order a minibus convenient and very inexpensive. There is no need to drive your car daily to the ski slopes, without having to look for a place to park, and the parking space near the mountain is expensive. During the day I bought a ski pass for lifts [EUR 22 x 1 pers. one day ‘ski pass’ price]. These lift passports can be purchased at the hotel reception, as well as in a large building with parking lots at the ski slopes. In this building you can find rental ski equipment, instructor services, souvenir shops
  • I traveled by minibus: 4:00 pm back to the hotel
  • This is a +/- hour graphic for all 4 trip days

February 10 Saturday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: 10:00 am I leave the ‘Hotel Vedmezhyi Dvir’, Bukovel ->> 4:00 pm I stoped at the Ukrainian-Polish border for car and passport checks ->> 8:30 pm I entered Poland
  • Accommodation: 9:30 pm I stayed at ‘Hostel Zamosc’, Poland. Hostel economy, bunk beds in the room. This hotel is on the other side of the street than the one hostel I spent overnight before (‘Noclegi10A’)

Sunday February 11, 2018

  • I traveled by car: 08:00 am I left ‘Hostel Zamosc’, Poland ->> 6:00 pm I come to Kaunas

My Travel Costs:

  • Accommodation = EUR 8 x 1 pers. (quadruple room, 1 night stay, ‘Noclegi10A’ Hotel)
  • Accommodation = EUR 83 x 1 pers. (double room, 5 nights stay, ‘Hotel Vedmezhyi Dvir’ Bukovel)
  • Accommodation = EUR 16 x 1 pers. (four-bed room, 1 night stay, ‘Hostel Zamosc’)
  • Ski pass = EUR 88 x 1 pers. (for 4 days)
  • Driven by 1900 km / 134 liters of fuel

Total = EUR 195 (+ fuel for your car)

TRIPTIP - travel tips:

* Ski pass is available at
the hotel reception or at
the mountain
(details about I wrote in
a travel plan).

* I did not try to ski on
night tracks. This is an
option, it costs extra
(not included in the day
the cost of the ski pass).
I think it should be fun.
Next time I promise to
try and tell the
impressions or try it
out and share it 🙂

* Food and beverage prices
are low: EUR 1 wine glass ,
dumplings plus
Ukrainian borscht
EUR 2, etc.

* Gift or shopping for
yourself, you will find
in ski slopes at the
bottom of the hill.
Here local people
sell import or
handmade items.

* Bukovel skiing resort
is inexpensive choice
for those who want to
allow yourself a lot
but spend a little
money and skiing
on good mountain