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Travel tips

Copenhagen/ Malmo 2017 (Denmark / Sweden, Europe)

Copenhagen / Denmark (Denmark / Sweden, Europe)
September 7- 8, 2017. One traveler, 2 days trip

September 7 Thursday, 2017

  • I traveled by plane: 06:25 am from Kaunas Airport (KUN) —–> 07:37 am (06:37 am) to Copenhagen International Airport (CPH) [EUR 30 x 1 pers., Price included return airplane ticket
  • Traveled by train: 08:18 am from Airport Terminal 3, Track 2 to Central Station (Copenhagen). I bought a train ticket in zone 3 and bought it at the vending machines at the airport. Consultants work at tickets machine, so they will help you if needed [EUR 4.80 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled on foot – I visited objects:
  • ‘Ny Calsberg Glyptotek’ ‘ (I have seen object from the outside)
  • ‘National Museum of Denmark’
  • ‘Danish Parliament’ building – very nice to me
  • ‘Christionsborg Place’ (I have seen object from the outside)
  • ‘Det Kongelige Biblioteks Have’ – a nice building with a garden in the yard, next to ‘Jewish Museum’
  • ‘The Royal Library’ – the modern building
  • ‘Royal Danish Theater’
  • Canal Ship Pier
  • ‘Amaliehave’ Park with old buildings and a square between them
  • ‘Frederiks Church’ church building ‘ (I have seen object from the outside)
  • ‘Rosenborg Castle’
  • ‘Kongens Have’ is a park that I really liked
  • ‘The Round Tower’
  • Londemarket street shopping street
  • ‘Hans Christian Anderson Fairy-Tale’ sculpture
  • ‘Kopenhagen City Hall’
  • 12:31 pm rain started. The purpose of this trip was to rent a bicycle in this city (it is very popular city transport). Another goal was to visit the Copenhagen Zoo, but the rain stopped me. I decided to travel to Sweden
  • I traveled by train: 15:47 pm from Kastrup / Kopenhagen City Central Station (to which I come from the airport) —–> to Malmo C Station (Malmö Central Station) (Sweden) [ EUR 24 x 1 pers. back and forth, the ticket is valid throughout the day, so departure and return times are irrelevant according to the schedule of the train . Total travel time 45 minutes
  • I traveled on foot – I visited objects in Sweden:
  • ‘Ribersborgs Kalebadhus’ (I have seen the object from outside)
  • ‘Malmo City Library’ (I have seen the object from outside)
  • Malmo Old Town
  • Malmo Town Hall
  • ‘St. Peter’s Church (I have seen the object from outside)
  • Lighthouse
  • I traveled by train: back from Malmo C Station (Malmö Central Station) (Sweden) —–> to Copenhagen International Airport (CPH). I got off at the airport stop
  • 7:00 pm I was waiting at the airport for the morning flight home. I waited a long time… About 18 hours. It was a super big mistake the next time I will rent hotel room

September 8 Friday, 2017

  • I traveled by plane: 12:15 am from Copenhagen International Airport (CPH) —–> to Kaunas Airport (KUN)

My Travel Costs:

  • Airplane tickets = EUR 30 x 1 pers. (KNO-CPH-KNO)
  • Train tickets = EUR 4.84 x 1 pers. (Copenhagen International Airport (CPH) – Central Station Kopenhagen Hovedbonegard station)
  • Train ticket to Sweden = EUR 24 x 1 pers. (return ticket to Copenhagen included)
  • Food & drinks costs = EUR 35 x 1 pers.

Total = EUR 93,84

TRIPTIP - travel ips:

* Not fun travel when
rainy weather. Before
tour follow the weather
forecasts and get ready.

* I forgot how awkward
is to wait at the airport
overnight the next day
flight. I was saving
money because accommodation
prices appeared in
Copenhagen inadequate,
however next time I
wouldn't wait all night
at the airport.

* Prices in Copenhagen are
considerable. Fo example:
price of key chain [EUR 8],
'Starbucks' coffee
[EUR 3.40],'Burger King'
[EUR 6.90],'Joe & The Juice'
coffee [EUR 3,78], bottle of
water price at the airport
[EUR 5,41],'Starbucks'
coffee at the airport
[EUR 4,19].

* Malmö City in Sweden for
the fog appeared gloomy.
The memories are vivid
fish smell cloudy fog,