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Croatia / Budapest (Croatia / Hungary, Europe) 
June 28 – July 7, 2018, Two travelers, 10 days trip

June 28 Thursday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: 5:30 pm from Kaunas ->> I drove overnight to Lublin, Poland

June 29 Friday, 2018

  • Accommodation: sleeping in a specially equipped car – Volkswagen Caravelle in Lublin City gas station
  • I traveled by car: 07:00 am I drove further to the last petrol station in Košice, Slovakia. The aim was to replenish the fuel tank by paying in euros. I bought a Slovak road vignette (road fee) [EUR 10 for 10 days Vignette]. It can be purchased online before you go on a trip or when you arrived in Slovakia at almost every petrol station. Buying a road Vignette is a must, otherwise if you stop the police, you will get a fine
  • I traveled by car: I entered Hungary at 11:00 am. I bought a Hungarian road Vignette, which you can buy online even before you go on a trip or when you arrived in Hungaria at every petrol station. It is mandatory to buy a road vignette, otherwise if you stop the police, you will get a fine [ EUR 25, 10 days Vignette ] I traveled on a D2 toll road
  • I traveled by car: 1:30 pm to Budapest (Hungary). I stopped for a walk, city made a big impression, so I decided when to go back to Lithuania I will spend more time in Budapest
  • I traveled by car: to Lake Balaton. It is difficult to get here, you have to pay for access to the lake. As far as possible, we were able to drive to the lake. Water of the lake was white and nlue color, and water was really cold
  • I traveled by car: 6:00 pm I reached Croatia. A toll on the Croatian border to Zagreb [EUR 10] is paid for as much as you are on a toll road. Going to Croatia, you will reach the road tax booths that stand all the way from one side of the road to the other side of the road. Drop a ticket (you don’t pay anything) and go to another roadblock, give a ticket to the employee in the booth than pay in cash or with a bank card
  • Accommodation: 7:00 pm I stayed at ‘Zagreb Hotel’ [EUR 16 x 1 pers., ouble room ]. A little walk on the streets of Zagreb near the hotel
  • Total: Kaunas – Zagreb 1500 km. Driving time 19:23 hours. It took 1 day with stops

30 June Saturday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: 10:20 am to ‘Zagreb Zoo’. Very neat, large zoo [EUR 4 x 1 pers.]
  • Lunch: I ate in the zoo café [EUR 5 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled by car: 1:30 pm to Rijeka City
  • I traveled by car: 2:30 pm I turned from the Karlovac motorway towards ‘Plitvice Lake National Park’ because of the large car traffic jam on the highway. I changed my travel plan and visited all the objects on the other side than I had planned
  • Total: from Zagreb 91 km / driving time 1.5 hours
  • I traveled by car: 4:00 pm near Plitvice-Prijeboj, Entrance Ulaz 1 Iparked a car in free car parking. In ‘Waterfall Veliki Buk’ I looked at the waterfalls. I really liked the lakes and waterfalls, sailed by boats (included in the price). When I visited half of the park a terrible storm went up, then was very cold for me and was long way at the forefront to go to the bus that drives up to the entrance of the park … [ EUR 20 x 1 pers./ 150 KUN, this is a cheaper entrance ticket sold at this price after four o’clock]
  • Accommodation: 7:00 pm I finished visit ‘Plitvice Lake NP’ – >> 9:00 pm I stopped and stayed in the car somewhere in the middle of the mountain. Night was choppy, rainy and hard wind blow

Sunday July 1, 2018

  • Morning as a picture! Romantic Views! I dreamed about morning like this! Dreams come true ! I rarely use the word ‘perfect’, but that morning was PERFECT ! PERFECT was waking up where the mountains are surrounded by all sides!
  • I traveled by car: 9:30 am to Split, through the town of Knin, on a very nice, free of charge road
  • Lunch: 12:00 pm I came to Split Mall. I went for a breakfast to the balcony of the shopping center, with a view of the mountains (in this shop you will find a wide selection of cuisines) [EUR 5 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled on bike: I ride my own bicycle around Split, very nice ‘Park Zuma Maijan’. I swam in the sea, jumped from the cave (it took time to jump, but I jumped :)) Beaches have public showers to soak up salt water. I planned to sail on the ‘Jardalinija’ boat to HVAR or BRAČ island, riding a bicycle there, but the time was not right and would cost [EUR 19 x 1 pers.]. I sat down in the cafe for one drink (a bottle of local beer on the Adriatic sea coast [EUR 2 x 1 pers.]
  • Accommodation: I slept in a car specially prepared for sleep in a small town on the way to Sibenik

July 2 Monday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: 08:00 am I was driving to Sibenik City for camping all day long
  • I traveled by car: I stopped in the town of Primošten, got a coffee in the car, drunk down to the water in the bay with a bun from the ‘Lidl’ store (in the country of these stores on every corner)
  • Accommodation: 12:20 pm I chose HORIZONT CAMP. There is little shade here, but very close to the water, neat showers inside and outside, rocky shore. The owner of the campsite spoke English. Parking for the Volkswagen Caravele, electrically connected (to a coffee machine brought from home and charged to the phone) [EUR 10 x 1 pers.]. Along the water, there is a rocky path to the public beach, in the bay with the tiny island, where I was swimming, diving with scuba diving. In the evening I drove again to the public beach with a bicycle. Night starry, lunar reflection in water, outdoors + 25 degrees heat, very warm evening
  • Food: I took part of food from Lithuania to cook in campsite. Overall, food prices in this country are low

I’ll tell you about other campsites that I stopped from Primošten along the Šibenik road:

  • ‘Adriatic Auto Camp’ – a very large campsite with everything from A to Z [EUR 20-25 x 1 pers.]
  • ‘Barnica Camp’ camping hosts are not spoken in English, tents crowd, messy showers, close to the water, lots of shade [EUR 11 x 1 pers.]
  • ‘Camp Thomas’ – simply equipped, has electricity, lots of shade, crowd tents [EUR 11 x 1 pers.]
  • ‘Sun / Sunce apartments & Camping’ – camping located in the courtyard of the house, among other houses, with just a few places to build campers
  • ‘Jasenovo Camp’ – arranged with very well-equipped showers and toilets, there was a washing machine, kitchen, shelter all over the campsite, pebble beach, camping equipped with a long seaward approach, so path to the see you should go far every time it is the only minus of this place [EUR 20 x 1 pers.]
  • ‘Klaus Auto Camp’ – located in the courtyards of the house, far from the sea
  • ‘Seni Auto Camp’ – further from the sea than ‘Klaus Auto Camp’

July 3 Tuesday, 2018

  • Breakfast: 08:00 am I was eating at camping. The food van brought fresh buns to campsite. With a cup of hot coffee, I sat on the folding chairs at the Adriatic Sea, the taste of the buns became special [EUR 3 x 4 pcs. buns]
  • I used to swim in the Adriatic Sea, then checked out of the campsite
  • I traveled by car: 12:00 pm to the city of Sibernik
  • I traveled on bicycle: to ‘Dvir’ (in Sibenik). On the mountain (heavy trail both on foot and by bicycle) you will see the unspoken size and beauty of the city of Sibenik (sea, ship ports, ships, forests, city panorama)
  • Lunch: at Sibenik’s McDonald’s Restaurant
  • I traveled by car: 3:00 pm towards to ‘Skradin Parking Krka National Park’
  • I sailed by boat: 4:00 pm to ‘Krka National Park’ (from Šibenik to Krka NP 145 km by car) [ EUR 20 x 1 pers., at this price you can buy a ticket after the fourth o’clock]. The ship (included in the price) will take you to Krka Park. You can pick up bathing suits, bathing shoes and spend here all day swimming in waterfalls. I wasn’t bathing, but I walked all the trails of the park, leaning under a cold waterfall and sailing back
  • Dinner: 9:00 pm I used gas station electricity to make coffee from the coffee machine I brought from home. I ate kebab in ‘Biograd Na Moru’ town, buy 1 kebab and share it with a friend because it is huge and very tasty [EUR 7 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled on foot: 9:30 pm I arrived in Zadar. At night I walked around the city and the coast. I saw a beautifully lit castle in Zadar. It is a beautiful city with magnificent buildings. I was surprised that there were so many people in the city that late night
  • Accommodation: I slept in a car, in the public area of ​​Zagreb Hospital

July 4 Wednesday , 2018

  • I traveled by car: 07:00 am from Zadar to Rijeka. If you want to take the free road, you need to drive to Yadranska Magistral towards E65
  • I traveled on bicycle / on foot: from 10:00 am to 13:30 pm along the way, I came up with an unplanned trip to ‘Paklenica National Park’. I parked the car for free, right at the entrance to the National Park. I sat on a bicycle and drive up the hill (about 2 km away). If you are traveling by car only, it is worth paying EUR 10 for a car parking just off the mountain, as you go 2 km on a mountain road, there is no goal before climbing uphill and downhill, and there is nothing beautiful to see through the trees along that path. I climbed to the 8th post on the mountain (the posts on the map of the NP marked with numbers). When I climbed to the top of the hill I saw breathtaking views. It is possible to climb ropes in this park, there are lots of trails and equipment can be rented. I wanted to try crawling, but I left this entertainment for the next time for a reason to come back here
  • Accommodation: I stayed at the ‘Stine Camp’ campsite, where the hosts with the family live there. There is a bar with soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, a terrace with wooden tables and benches, a place for baking, wi-fi, electricity, neat showers / toilets with playing music, a good rocky coast with safe access to the water. I was drinking white / red wine on the rocks in the evening, which I bought from woman on the way – a woman was selling fruits, but when I asked whether she has a home wine to sell she said ‘yes’ and sold 2 liters of home wine [EUR 2.50 for a bottle]

July 5 Thursday, 2018

  • In the morning I was swimming in the sea, having breakfast
  • I traveled by car: 12:00 pm to Rijeka
  • I traveled on bicycle : 4:00 pm I was cycling along the beach at Selce Resort
  • I traveled on foot: I walked on the pedestrian street in Rijeka, went to several shops, walked through the port of the ships, dined in the city for dinner. The evening was warm + 28 degrees. I was impressed by this city
  • I traveled by car: 22:00 pm from Rijeka to Budapest. I drove overnight

July 6 Friday, 2018

  • Accommodation: at 2:00 am I stopped to sleep at the petrol station an hour away from Budapest
  • I traveled by car: 10:30 am to Budapest. When I arrived, I went for a walk around the city. This city appeared to be mobile, surrounded by magnificent buildings
  • I traveled by car: 1:00 pm Košice, Slovakia ->> 5:00 pm I arrived in Košice, Slovakia. I went to the supermarket café to have a dinner [EUR 5 x 1 pers.] – >> 5:30 pm forward to the city of Lublin, Poland

July 7 Saturday, 2018

  • Accommodation: At 01:00 am I stopped at the gas station for a sleep
  • I traveled by car: 07:00 am to Kaunas ->> 1:00 pm I come to Kaunas City

My Travel Costs:

  • Fuel costs = EUR 195 x 1 pers.
  • Road taxes, Vignettes = EUR 42, 50 x 1 pers.
  • Accommodation = EUR 34 x 1 pers. (hotel, camping)
  • Entertainment, sightseeings = EUR 52 x 1 pers.
  • Travel life insurance = EUR 8 x 1 pers.
  • Food and beverage costs = EUR 105.50 x 1 pers.

Total = EUR 923.80 x 2 pers. / EUR 461, 90 x 1 pers.

 = CN 6836.12 x 2 pers. / CN 3418.06 x 1 pers.

Drive: 4030 km

Time in the car: 58 hours

Average fuel consumption: 7-8 l/ 100 km

TRIPTIP - Travel Tips:

* In summer during the
day +35 degrees, +25
degrees in the evenings.
I recommended to have
cream and the hat from
the sun.

* Sea urchins are
unfriendly, angry and
spiky, wear swim shoes
(you can buy swim shoes
in every Croatian town).

* There are big and small
fish in the Adriatic Sea,
the water is clear, you
can dive (if you don't have
a scuba or forget to buy it,
no trouble, because you can
easily bought it in Croatia).

* During the trip I stayed at
one hotel only, so I can't
compare prices and quality
ration of the hotels. I
researched - the camping
stay is usually cheaper.

* About campsites: here is
a lot of them, visible from
the road, there are links to
how to get there. It is a
very developed business, you
can stop to the each one
and ask for prices,
look around and choose the
best camping.

* I exchanged currency in
Lithuania, but the exchange
rate in Croatia was much
better. I thought I need to
pay for roads fee in cash,
but it was possible to pay
with a bank card. In Croatia
you can exchange money at
the hotel reception, banks,
townships post offices.

* I brought some food from
home to prepare it on
campsites and not waste
time in shops. I had about
5 liters of water which I
supplement when it was empty.
There was a gas oxygien
cylinder in the car so I
could cook and bake. For
this trip I have chosen
disposable tableware and
cups - convenient.
The chain of 'Lidl'
stores is very popular here.

* In Croatia, people speak
English and share information
you need. Croatia is a very
hospitable country.

* The country has everything:
mountains, green-blue sea,
impressive paths along the
sea ​​coast, many National
Parks, good weather all year,
hospitable people. Frankly,
I fell in love with Croatia.

* The route I traveled to
Croatia I choose because of
less intense traffic and
because you need to purchase
only two Vignettes (Slovakia,
Hungary + tax on passing
roads in Croatia), but next
time I want to try the road
where three Vignettes are
purchased (via the Czech
Republic, Austria, Slovenia
+ toll in Warsaw for roads
and in Croatia for the
distance traveled). The next
time I wish to reach my
destination faster, so I
should be driven a car by
motorways. When driving on
Croatian highways (speed
of 130 km/h, but all rides
on a 170 km/h. I heve never
seen radar or police.

*Road tax in Croatia
paid for the road you
drive. When driving in
Croatia, approaching
toll booths which stands
through all the way from
one side of the road and
from the opposite side
of the road. Take ticket
from vending machine
(not pay) and drove
until another tax
barrier than give
a ticket to an employee
who working in a booth
and pay with cash or
bank card.

*Road tolls (Vignettes)
can be purchased online
before departure or when
entering the country at
petrol station. Buying a
road Vignette is a must,
otherwise you will get
fine if police stop
your car.

*In this trip I have a
possibility to stay
overnight at the car,
so if I finished my day
very late, I do not go
to campsite, because you
have to checked out at
12:00 pm next day.
I chose to spend the
night in a car on the
pitches or petrol stations,
and from the morning go to
campsite, usually you can
check-in from 11:00 am to
12:00 pm the following day.

- Convert to the
currency you need.