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Travel tips


Galway (Ireland, Europe)
January 28th – February 4th, 2016.  Two travelers, 7 days trip

January 28th Thursday, 2016

  • Traveled by plane: 9:00 pm from Kaunas Airport (KUN) —-> to Shannon Airport (SNN)
  • Traveled by car: [no cost] from Shannon Airport (SNN) —–> to Galway City
  • Accommodation: [no cost] in Galway City

January 29th Friday, 2016

  • Traveled by car: [no cost] through Galway City. City is alive at night time: many night bars and clubs

January 30th Saturday, 2016

  • Traveled by car: [no cost] to Coral Beach. The whole beach is covered with coral… A charming view

January 31th Sunday, 2016

  • Traveled by car: [no cost] to Aillwee Cave. Rock excursion [EUR 9 x 1 pers. ]. What the guide spoke I didn’t hear, but the caves was interesting

February 1-2 Monday – Tuesday, 2016

  • Traveled on foot: I walked across the Galway City, drinking coffee in the ‘Jungle Cafe’ (charismatic place for a coffee). I was in Galway Cathedral

February 3th Wednesday, 2016

  • Traveled on foot: I spend time near the ocean in ‘Salthill’, I went to an artificial island, it is fun to be like in the middle of the Atlantic. I walked around Galway City

February 4th Thursday, 2016

  • Traveled by car: [no cost] 12:00 pm toward the Shannon Airport (SNN)
  • Traveled by plane: 3:15 pm to Shannon Airport (SNN) —–> 9:00 pm to Kaunas Airport (KUN)

My Travel Costs:

  • Food, attractions, shopping, gifts = EUR 120 x 1 pers.
  • Airline tickets = EUR 50 x 1 pers. (KUN – SNN – KUN)

Total = EUR 170

TRIPTIP - travel tips:

* When traveling to
Ireland, have an
umbrella or raincoat,
because: raining, clear
sky, raining, clear sky ...

* City of Galway easily
 bypass on foot.

* If you want to prolong
your life (there is a myth
or truth - you decide)
when you go seaside in
‘Salthill’, specially for
pedestrians trail from
the beginning to the end,
kick with leg on stony
wall which you will find
at the end of the path and
this action will lengthen
your life 🙂