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Travel tips


High Tatras (Slovakia, Europe) 
June 29 – July 2, 2017. Four travelers, 3 days trip

June 29 Thursday, 2017

  • I traveled by car: 9:00 pm I left Kaunas, driving by changing overnight
  • Route ahead:

Kaunas-Suwalki-Augustow-Lomza-Warsaw-Radom-Kielce-Krakow-Zakopane-Nowy Torg-Vysokie Tatry 
[no roads costs]

June 30 Friday, 2017

  • I traveled by car: I arrived in Slovakia at 11:00 am. Travel time is 14 hours
  • Accommodation: I stayed at ‘Penzion Partizan’, Slovakia [EUR 32 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled by car: 15:00 pm I drove up to ‘Lomnica Štit’ and found out that the chairlift raises to the top of the mountain for EUR 46 x 1, there is no way to walk, so I missed this entertainment. I walked in a mountain town
  • I traveled by car: 5:00 pm I went for a walk to ‘Šlabski Pleso’ by two lakes
  • Dinner: 11:00 pm I stayed for a dinner at the hotel yard. At night in the mountains you can see a very starry sky

July 1 Saturday, 2017

  • Breakfast: 08:00 am breakfast at the hostel (not bad)
  • I traveled by car: 9 am am parking at the bottom of the mountain [ EUR 6 for the whole day]. I started a trip to the mountain ‘Biela Voda’. I read many blogs and articles when I started to track the track. The essence is simple, you read the difficulty route, the time it takes to overcome them. I drove to the Biela Voda. On the main street, next to the mountain, there were many parking spaces, people climbing up the mountains, so finding out where to start really wasn’t difficult. As long as you are in your home, you always have a clue of ‘how do I find everything there?’ But when you stay at the hotel you can ask what is unclear, there is a tourist information center in the city, I got maps there. I always go to the points of interest when I visit the map of the phone, download maps that I can use offline (if there is no internet), that is my navigation
  • I walked on foot: when I climbed to the top of the mountain, began to rain heavily. 11:20 am I got the first stop at ‘Chata pri Zalenom Plese’ I sat here to sit, drink (EUR 2.5 coffee, a cup of EUR 2.5 hot wine) and have a meal (I carried my food in my backpack), dry my wet clothes, shoes. In the window I see the front of ‘Zieliony Staw Kiežmarski’ (green lake) with mountains. I continued my journey on the wilderness trails, following a mountain map and a Google Maps
  • Traveled on foot:
  • At 1:15 pm I was continue my journey through the mountains to the top of the ‘Bielienski Tatry’, but climbed up the mountainous prevented a mountain goats. I was scared and I didn’t go further. If you think you can see just a few mountain goats, take the binoculars and look closely
  • I turned back to ‘Bielienski Tatry’ and then turned to ‘Chata Plennavic’ where I ate garlic soups
  • 6:00 pm I reached ‘Tatranska Kotlina’. The bus had to arrive,which I would drive to the parking lot. Unfortunately the bus did not come. I walked 7 km to the car park lot
  • Traveled by car: 8:00 pm I arrived at the hostel

July 2 Sunday, 2017

  • I traveled by car: I was checked – out of ‘Penzion Partizan’ at 09:00 am and moving to Kaunas —-> 11:00 pm I came to Kaunas
  • Route back:

Vysokie Tatry-Nowy Torg-Krakow-A4 [EUR 5 toll road] -Kotowice -Chestochowa -Radomsko-Lodz-Warsaw-Loma-Augustow-Suwalki-Kaunas

My Travel Costs:

  • Accommodation = EUR 32 x1 (two nights, ‘Penzion Partizan’ with breakfast included)
  • Fuel = EUR 23.63 x 1 person (car uses 6l / 100km). The total distance of 1800 km, total fuel costs 95 EUR
  • Car insurance for travel abroad = EUR 7.50 x 1 pers.
  • Car parking by the mountain in Slovakia = EUR 1.5 x 1 pers.
  • Food = EUR 24.50 x 1 pers.
  • Road taxes = EUR 1.25 x 1 pers.

Total = EUR 90.38

TRIPTIP - travel tips:

* Rain during the hike
and the sun shone
intermittently but
the nature views
overshadowed rainy
weather. Good quality
raincoat was useful.

* Take care of hiking
shoes with hard soles.

* I didn;t buy a road
Vignette (roads fee) in
Slovakia because I drove
relatively close to the
Slovakian border, so I
took the risk.Vignette is
mandatory. It can
be buy online before trip
or in the first gas station
you reached.

* Maps of mountains you can
get in the tourist
information center.
Please reload maps to
your phone and mark your
visits objects, it will help
to experience the environment.