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Travel tips


London, Winchester, Southampton, Bournemouth
(United Kingdom, Europe)

December 18, 2018 – January 29, 2019. One traveler, 43 days trip

December 18 Tuesday, 2018


  • I traveled by plane: 3:55 pm from Kaunas Airport (KUN) – >> 4:20 pm to London, Luton Airport (LTU). Airfare includes hand baggage and backpack [£ 18.86 x 1 pers.]

December 19 Wednesday, 2018


  • I traveled by bus: 11:15 am from Luton Bus Station – >> 12:54 pm to London Victoria Coach Station [£ 12 x 1 pers.] (‘Green Line’ bus ticket I bought from bus driver. Pre-ticket available buy online)
  • I traveled on foot: I left my suitcase at ‘Bar Wine’ / ‘Nannybag’ storage, until 11 pm [£ 6]. Luggage storage is near Victoria Bus Station
  • I traveled by subway: from Victoria Underground Station – >> to Earl’s Court Underground zone [£ 2.40 x 1 pers.]. The price of a regular ticket is £ 4.50 when purchasing a ticket machine (vending machines are located before entering the metro station). The ticket is cheaper when paying with a contactless card (it has to be touched through the gate of the subway station, after leaving the other station – it has to be touched again through the gate of the subway station exit). Very easy and cheaper. With the Revolut card I was able to pay only once, after which the bank blocked contactless settlement, acted as a protection against loss of the card. Take care of international payment restrictions before departure
  • Lunch: I had lunch at ‘Zizzi’ Italian restaurant. Food and drinks are very tasty, I recommend
  • I traveled on foot: 2:30 pm I went to the ‘Natural History Museum’ just five minutes from ‘Zizzi’ restaurant. A special architectural building with a large exposition inside. Really fun and worth visiting museum, free entry
  • I traveled on foot: 5:00 pm after visiting the museum, I walked to ‘Hyde Park Winter Wonderland’ – a big park with amusements, food vans, music. The Christmas fair was in a festive mood. Entrance to the park free (only security check needed to entrance)
  • I traveled on foot: ‘Oxford Street’ was curious to see London’s main shopping street (here is over 300 shops)
  • I traveled by subway: Westminster Metro Station (Circle and District lines) – >> to Monument Metro Station [£ 4.50 x 1 pers]. Sky Garden is just a 4-minutes walk from the subway. Sky Garden is London’s top-highest bar. I got up the elevator to the 35th floor. The view is fabulous and the entrance is free
  • I traveled by subway: 10:00 pm from ‘Sky Garden’, Monument Metro Station – >> to Victoria Metro Station [£ 4.50 x 1 pers.]. I took my suitcase that I said I left in the ‘Wine Bar’ / ‘Nannybag’ luggage storage
  • I traveled by bus: 00:00 am from Victoria Coach Station – >> 02:10 am to Winchester Bus Station (with ‘National Express’ bus) [£ 14.60 x 1 pers.]

December 25 Tuesday, 2018


  • Christmas in Winchester – a calm time. Shops and cafes do not work, public transport does not run. When I was out in the evening, I met just several person on the main street. Christmas decorations dominated, church-lit, outdoor ice arena built in the center. Tomorrow – December 26, is ‘Boxing Day’ (sale). The nearest town with a large shopping mall is in Southampton. It can be reached by ‘Blue Star’ bus from Winchester Bus Station, day ticket forward and back [£ 7.20 x 1 pers.]

December 28 Friday, 2018

  • Breakfast: Eat at ‘Eat, drink and be’, which has a kind of charisma, perhaps because it is located in a small squash, smelling freshly baked buns, coffee and tea. Large windows overlook the city side
  • I traveled on foot: 1:00 pm I went up the stairs to the mountain ‘St. Giles Hill View Point’. I found a wooden balcony overlooking the city
  • I traveled on foot: 2:00 pm I climbed to ‘St Catherine’s Hill’. Compared to ‘St Giles Hill’, where the main street of the city can be seen, this mountain is a bit further from the center, larger and more complex to climb. There are wooden stairs to the mountain, from the canal side. Sheep are grazing at the top of the mountain, meadows and city views open. The ‘Itchen Navigation Canal’ flowing below is about 17 km off / unused channel system, which was an important trading tool from Winchester to the sea in Southampton

December 29 Saturday, 2018


  • I traveled by train: 10:25 am from Winchester Train Station – >> 11:13 am to Bournemouth Train Station. Ticket purchased online [£ 6.45 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled on foot: I planned to take the bus (number 50) from the Bournemouth Train Station to the ferry (near Approach bus stop). From here take the ferry to ‘Studland and Godlingston Heath National Nature Reserve’. I wanted to see the cliffs, walk around the 6.5-kilometer trail to ‘South Beach’ and ‘Old Harry Rocks’ attractions. But when I went to the tourist information center in the train station I found out – no ferry. One-way ticket would cost £ 1, with a lifting time of about 4 minutes
  • I traveled by bus: in the information center it was recommended to see ‘Hengistbury Head’ instead of cliffs. About 10 minutes I walked to the Christchrurch Rd stop, taking the bus number 1b. You can take a bus stop map at the informattion center. I bought a bus day ticket on a bus [£ 4.10 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled on foot: ‘Hengistbury Head’ – a beautiful place between Bournemoth and Mudeford, England’s Dorset County. From the top of the mountain you can see the English Chanell, which connects the North Sea, the Celtic Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The beach is the most rocky and has charming beach houses, cafes, ice cream and coffee kiosks
  • I traveled by ferry: 2:30 pm (3:00 pm was the last transfer time) from Hengistbury Head ferry stop – >> to Mudeford Ferry stop. In order not to go back, the ferry goes to the town of Mudeford, the lifting time is about two minutes, the price is [£ 2 x 1 pers.]
  • I trabeled by bus: I walk about 30 minutes to get to the bus stop. Walking through the towns of Mudeford and Stanpit, you can wonder about not English style homes and villas. When I entered the bus marked a1, the same day ticket was valid, going back to Bournemouth
  • I traveled on foot: ‘Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland Trail’ or ‘The Square Park’ illuminated 11 Christmas Tree Exhibition, entrance free. There is also a large outdoor ice rink (for extra fee). The park is illuminated with garlands and attractions to the Bournemouth Parks – Lower Gardens next to the Bournemouth Beach with a large
  • ferris wheel
  • Dinner: I went to dinner at the ‘Zizzi’ Italian restaurant and I wasn’t disappointed again – they had ‘Chocolate and banana Calzone’ pizza, with Nutella!
  • I traveled by train: I walked about 20 minutes from the Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland Trail to the train station. 6:47 pm from Bournemouth Train Station – >> 7:35 pm to Winchester Train Station. First-class ticket purchased online cost [£ 7.65 x 1 pers.]

December 31 Monday, 2018


  • On the eve of the New Year, I stayed in Winchester. I met the New Year by watching fireworks from ‘St. Giles Hill’s’ viewing places, but there were very few fireworks, the night was dark because the snow did not visit this city

January 29 Tuesday, 2019

  • I traveled by bus: 09:15 am from Winchester Bus Station (from ‘National Express’ bus stop) – >> 11:10 to London Victoria Coach Station – >> 12:00 pm from London Victoria Coach Station – >> 1:20 pm to Luton Bus Station [£ 25.60 x 1 pers.]. I bought the ‘National Express’ bus ticket online, a couple of weeks before the trip
  • I traveled by plane: 5:10 pm from London, Luton Airport (LTU) – >> 9:50 pm to Kaunas Airport (KUN). Airfare includes hand baggage and backpack [£ 17.99 x 1 pers.]

My Travel Costs:

  • Airplane ticket = GBP  36.85  x 1 pers. (KUN-LTU-KUN) (airfare includes hand baggage and backpack)
  • Bus tickets:  GBP  63.50  x 1 pers. (Luton Bus Station – >> London Victoria Coach Station – >> Winchester Bus Station) (Winchester Bus Station<<–>> Southampton Bus Station) (Bournemoth Bus Station <<–>> Hengistbury Head Stop) (Winchester Bus Station << – >> London Victoria Coach Station – >> Luton Bus Station)
  • Train tickets:  GBP 14.10 x 1 pers. (Winchester Train Station <<–>> Bournemouth Train Station)
  • Metro tickets:  GBP 6.90 x 1 pers. (London)
  • Ferry ticket:  GBP 2.00  x 1 person (Hengistbury Head – >> Mudeford Ferry)
  • Luggage storage store:  GBP 6 x  1 suitcase storage for all day (‘Nannybag’, London)

Total = GBP 129.35

TRIPTIP - travel tips:

* London metro tickets
are cheaper when paying
with a contactless bank
card. Check your bank's
billing terms abroad before
you go on trip.

* Traveling by trains twice
faster than by bus but
often more expensive.

* Airline tickets towards
and back from London in
January are cheap.

* Sales start before and
after major winter holidays
in England stores.

* Winter in England was
without snow. The weather
was sunny and dry.

* England cities near the
water is really nice worth
to see all of them.