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Travel tips


Milan (Italy, Europe)
March 12 – March 14, 2019. Two travelers, 3 days trip

March 12 Tuesday, 2019

  • I traveled by plane: 5:55 pm from Kaunas Airport (KUN) ->> 7:25 pm to Milano Malpensa Airport T1 (MXP) (flight time 2h, 20 min, Ryanair airline) [EUR 30 x 1 pers., airfare includes return flight and small luggage 40cm x 20cm x 25cm)
  • I traveled by bus: 7:40 pm after entering the airport gate to the main hall, on the right I saw the ‘Malpensa Shuttle’ 3 D bus stand, I bought a bus ticket from Milano Malpensa T1 Airport – >> to Milan Central Bus Station / Milano Centrale Railway Station [Eur 8 x 1 pers.]. When you go out of the airport you will see buses. I was told to go to stop number 2. From here I ride with bus to Milano Central Bus Station, the journey lasted about 1h, 15 minutes. You can also travel on the ‘Malpensa Express train’ from the T2 terminal, then enter the T1 terminal, the journey takes about an hour, rides over 30 times a day, costs 13 eur. You can get off: 1) at Cadorna train station, which is closer to Milan city center, the train usually departs every 30 minutes, the trip takes 37 minutes or 2) Porta Garibaldi (Milano Centrale), the train usually departs every 30 minutes, the journey lasts 52 minutes
  • Accommodation: 8:50 pm I arrived by bus to Milan Centrale Bus Station, from here just 7 minutes walk to ‘Guest House Pirelli Milano’, where I stayed [EUR 28.37 x 1 person] (1 night, double room, full room price EUR 56,74, the price includes a pillow fee of 3 x 1 person). It is neat, clean, and located in a good locating place
  • I traveled on foot – I visited objects:
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – it is a glass shopping center in the 19th century Arcade: Here you will find luxury clothing stores and top-class restaurants. The architecture is impressive, guarded by police officers at night
  • Duomo di Milano is one of the largest cathedrals in the world. The construction of this unique masterpiece lasted over 600 years. I looked at the cathedral at night and it left an indelible impression. During the day there is a large row of tickets to the cathedral terrace to enjoy the view of the city. There are two ways to get up: you can take a lift, it will cost about 13-15 eur or use a cheaper option and overcome 250 stairs, it will cost about 7-8 eur. There is a possibility to buy a ticket online, thus avoiding queues at ticket offices
  • Dinner: 10:30 pm at ‘Momus Ristorante Pizzeria’ cafe, a 14-minute walk from Domo di Milano Cathedral. I ordered a large Italian pizza, which I divided by half [EUR 9.50], a glass of beer [EUR 4.50 x 1 person], service fee [EUR 5]. In the center of Milan, food prices are quite high: near Domi di Milano cathedral pizza prices start at 15 eur and go up to 20 eur., pasta costs 15 eur. Service fee always included in the bill

March 13 Wednesday, 2019

  • Breakfast: 08:30 am at ‘Guest House Pirelli Milano’ I ordered a buffet breakfast: white bread, meat, cheese, corn flakes, yoghurt, pie, croissants, biscuits, nuts cream, jam, juice, water , coffee from coffee machine (black, white, latte, cappuccino) [EUR 5 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled on foot – I visited objects:
  • ‘Bosco Verticale’ is a ‘vertical forest’, a couple of residential buildings built in Milan’s Porta Nuova district, near Milano Porta Garibaldi Railway Station. Their height is 111 meters (364 feet) and 76 meters (249 feet), with over 900 trees
  • Piazza Gae Aulenti – has become one of the best attractions in Milan. The square is surrounded by various buildings, all with beautiful design. When the sun goes down, the square comes alive with light’s, music and water show. In addition, the Solar Tree in the center of the square is illuminated by solar-powered LED lighting. The most impressive is the 231-meter Unicredit Tower, which is currently the highest skyscraper in Italy. To enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Milan, you can get to the top of the Unicredit building. Another highlight is the already mentioned “Vertical Forest”. The pedestrian bridge connects the square with Corso Como, one of Milan’s most lively streets, where there are many shops, restaurants and bars
  • The Big Apple of Milan – In front of Milan Central Station, there is a huge white apple with a bite that has been sewn with steel thread. This is a sculpture by artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, donated to the City of Milan in 2015, food and nutrition theme
  • I traveled by train:
  • 11:30 am from Milan Centrale Railway Sation – >> to Varenna Esino. The plan was to see Lake Como (Como Lago) and its surrounding towns. On the first floor of the train station, ticket sales were made by agents at 9 eur, on the second floor, from a ticket machine that was near the entrance to the train path, I bought a train ticket to Varenna Esino for [EUR 6.70 x 1 pers.] Follow the gateway to see Tirano’s direction (not Torino!) on the scoreboard. You will see yellow machines at the train paths – here you have to mark the ticket yourself, otherwise you can get a fine (it can reach up to 50 eur)
  • I arrived at Varenna Esino by train at 1:23 pm. Some part of trains tracks run along the lake, so you can admire the mountain and lake views
  • I traveled on the ferry: when I got off the train I have went down the hill, following the link “Ferry”. I found a ticket office, bought a ferry ticket to Bellagio [4.60 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled on foot: 2:00 pm by ferry to Bellagio town, I spent two hours here walking around the mountainous towns surrounding the city
  • Lunch: I ordered a pizza in the mountain-based pizzeria ‘Labellagina Ristorante Pizzaria’, which I divided by half [EUR 8.50 x 2 pers.], a beer cup here cost [EUR 3 x 1 pers.], service fee [EUR 4], included in the lunch price Lake Como (Como Lago) and mountains views 🙂
  • I traveled on the ferry: 4:00 pm I bought a fast ferry ticket to Como [EUR 14 x 1 pers.]. You can choose how to go to the Como town: with a fast ferry that takes 45 minutes, with a slow ferry that takes about 2 hours, both cost 10.40 euros or with a hydrofoil ferry which takes 45 minutes and costs 14 eur. I didn’t have a choice to choose how travel, because it was just a fast ferry at that time. The ferry had a couple stops in the mountainous settlements. This trip is really amazing, worth the time and money
  • I traveled on foot: 5:45 pm I got at the Como city, to the train station and bought a return ticket to Milan [EUR 4.80 x 1 pers.]. While I was waiting for a train, I walked around Como town. If you want to reach mountain with funicular, you have to go out of the Como train station, then go down the stairs and then always straight through the town. You can get to the top of the mountain, sorry, but I didn’t have time to get up and see the panorama of the mountains. The best view of nature is from Brunate settlement. Brunate is otherwise known as the ‘Alpine Balcony’. If you can see the sunset from the top of the mountain, it will be a wonderful and memorable moment of life. One-way funicular ticket costs 2.60 eur, round trip costs 4.60 eur, funicular go to the top of the mountain every 15 minutes, from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm (during the summer season to midnight)
  • I traveled by train: 7:13 pm from Como ->> 8:00 pm I arrived at Milan Centrale Railway Station [EUR 4.80 x 1 pers.]. I went to ‘Smart Travel Shop’, which is located a few hundred meters from the train station. I have registered here and took the keys from the ‘Farini Rooms’
  • Accommodation: ‘Farini Rooms’ is two kilometers from Milano Centrale Train Station [EUR 21 x 1 pers.] (1 night stay, double room, total room price 42 eur) Price includes a pillow fee of 3 eur per person (6 eur for two people) to be paid in cash upon arrival. Near the hostel, there was a Mcdonald’s restaurant and a large supermarket, where the goods were half cheaper than in Milan’s small shops
  • I traveled on foot: 9:00 pm to Cimitero ‘Monumentale di Milano’, I really wanted to see this object, but unfortunetely it was closed (working hours from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, on Mondays not working). The ‘Cimitero Monumentale’ (monumental cemetery) is one of the two largest cemeteries in Milan, Italy and the other is ‘Cimitero Maggiore’. The cemetery is full of artistic graves and monuments. Then I went to ‘Chinatown’ to find where to eat Chinese food. There were cafes that operated late in the evening, but when I did not choose what to eat, I chose the ‘Turkish Doner Kebab’ kebab [EUR 4 x 1 pers., price include kebab, fries and one drink]

March 14 Thursday, 2019

  • I traveled on foot / by bus: 05:30 am I went to Milano Centrale Bus Station, I had bought the bus ticket from the evening. At 6:15 am the bus moved to Milan Malpensa Airport, the journey lasted about an hour
  • I traveled by plane: 09:05 am from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) ->> 12:40 pm I arrived at Kaunas Airport (KUN)

My Travel Costs:

  • Plane tickets: EUR 30 x 1 pers. (KUN ->> MXP ->> KUN)
  • Bus tickets: EUR 16 x 1 pers. (MXP ->> Milano Centrale Bus Station ->> MXP)
  • Train tickets: EUR 11.50 x 1 pers. (Milano Centrale Railway Station ->> Varenna Esino (from Varenna Esino to Como I traveled on the ferry, prices are listed below) Como Train Station ->> Milano Centrale Railway Station
  • Ferry tickets: EUR 18. 60 x 1 pers. (Varenna Esino ->> Bellagio (it takes 15 minutes, cost 4.60 eur per person) ->> Como (it takes 45 minutes , cost 14 eur per person)
  • Food costs: EUR 26 x 1 pers. (includes a service fee in the cafes)
  • Accommodation costs: EUR 26.50 x 1 pers. (1 night stay, double room, full room price 53 eur, ‘Guest House Pirelli Milano’)
  • Accommodation costs: EUR 21 x 1 asm (1 night stay, double room, full room price 42 eur, ‘Farini Rooms’)

Total: EUR 150

TRIPTIP - travel tips:

* If you want to go to
Duomo di Milano
Cathedral balcony I
advise buying tickets
from pre-online to
avoid stand alive
queue at ticket offices.

* In the very center of
Milan prices are higher
than away from it. I
advise to buy food
products in larger ones
supermarkets to avoid
double overpayment in
small stores.

* It is worth to buy
accommodation with
included breakfast.

* I highly recommended
to see Como lake. This
object left a great
impression for me. I have
fun to travel by train and
swim by ferry across the
lake. One day is not enough
to see Lake Como and Milan

* Cheaper to buy train tickets
from a vending machine in
the train station than from
agencies kiosk. Necessary
mark the train ticket
before climbing into it.
Marking box is yellow color
and hang on the wall near
trains path.

* Milan Bus Station offers
bus tickets. Ticket sales
starting at 07:15 am until
the evening. Ticket available
buy from the bus driver
before boarding the bus.

* Milane visa informacija
labai aiškiai pateikta anglų
kalba, viską ką man reikėjo
greitai bei paprastai radau.

* Milan has all the
information in English,
everything I needed
I found quickly and easily.