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Morocco (Africa)
October 24 – November 2, 2018. Two travelers, 9-days trip

October 24 Wednesday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: 8:40 am from Kaunas – >> 9:40 am to Vilnius Airport 
  • I traveled by plane: 11:50 am from Vilnius Airport (VNO) – >> 3:00 pm (Moroccan time) to Agadir Al Massira Airport (AGA) [EUR 202 x 1 pers.] Flight time 5:35 h. (‘Wizzair’ airlines). Sunny weather met + 28 degrees Celsius. When you arrived you had to fill in the card and answer the questions such as: What are you coming for? Hostel address? Where did you come from? Name and surname? When I passed passport checkpoints I could change money, but the exchange rate was unfavorable. Money exchange is worth it right at the exit of the airport
  • I traveled on foot: I left the airport, then walked straight to the car park about 500 meters until I saw the locals waiting for the bus at the big ring on the main road, so I joined them
  • I traveled by bus: I ride 13 stops with bus number 37 to Inezgane and stop ‘Inezgane stop’ [EUR 0.45 x 1 pers. – 4.5 MAD]. Calculate 13 stops from the airport and take care of where you need to get off – not needed, because as this will be the last stop – large bus stop, like a bus station
  • I traveled by bus: Inezgane stop (on the same bus stop where I got off bus 37), I saw a bus number 98 with the inscription ‘to Agadir’. I was planning to wait 99 number bus that was supposed to drive to ‘Anezi, Agadir’, but I asked the locals for 98 no., they assured me that 98 no. bus also going to Agadir. I got off at ‘Wilaya, Agadir’ stop [EUR 0.35 x 1 pers. – 3.5 MAD]. I waited 15 minutes until L32 no. bus will come and I drove to the next stop – ‘Taghazout’ [EUR 0.75 – 7.5 MAD]. Here at first glance – ‘somewhere, nowhere’ If you come to this town with a taxi and then need a bus, ask the locals where you can found buses, it’s will be much more easy
  • I traveled on foot: on the map of Google Maps, I went along the Atlantic Ocean and finally, with the help of locals, I found ‘Oceana Surf Camp’, where I booked a night stay [EUR 20 x 1 pers. 2 nights] (total room price EUR 40 x 2 persons, 2 nights, double room). Breakfast for both [EUR 6 x 1 pers. 2, two days brekafast]. The hotel has two terraces with very beautiful views of the beach, ocean and towns
  • Dinner: 6:00 pm I eated at the ‘Windy Bay Cafe’. From this place you can enjoy a wonderful view of the ocean and the waves of rocks at the bottom. Food delicious, fruit juice with a wonderful taste. Prices: glass of pineapple juice [EUR 3 – 30 MAD], Moroccan famous Tajine dish with chicken, grilled lemon and olive sauce with fried vegetables [EUR 7 – 70 MAD]. The prices of ‘Tajine’ or ‘Tagine’ are different, depending on what meat will be served
  • I traveled on foot: I was walking along the beach near Atlantic Ocean, the evening was warm + 24 degrees. ‘Taghazout’ is a fishing town that is very popular with surfers
  • Dinner: I sat down for a drink in ‘Terrasse Dargana’ again with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, that evening, all the light of the towns and the moon reflected in the water. I ordered a banana flavored milk shake with dried fruit pieces [EUR 3.5 – 35 MAD]. Almost all cafes have an English menu, especially those established by Europeans
  • Accommodation: as I said before, I stayed at ‘Oceana Surf Camp’ [EUR 20 x 1 pers. 2 nights] (Total room rate EUR 40 x 2 pers. for 2 nights, double room). The evening was warm so I lay down on the couch on the terrace, lying under the starry sky and listening to the ocean songs all night. Sometimes what is so simple becomes remarkable memory

October 25 Thursday, 2018

  • Breakfast: + 24 degrees in the air at 8:00 am, I waited for breakfast to be served on the terrace at 9:00 am, but local chefs did not rush and brought food 9:30 am. All the hotel people who ordered food were seated at a common table. Menu: cucumbers, tomatoes, eggs, beans, butter, two kinds of jam, oranges sprinkle with cinnamon, green tea with a lot of sugar, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice. After breakfast I spent time in the hotel because the weather was craving, raining. I was playing cards, checkers, reading a book
  • Lunch: 5:30 pm I ate in ‘Crepes Aux Banane’ [EUR 2,5 – 25 MAD] in the café ‘Restaurant Tazerzit’, but the pancakes were not surprising, but I tasted local bananas that were delicious. I ordered green tea with fresh mint [EUR 1 – 10 MAD] (you can ask for sugar next to the tea because their tea is really sweet). Dessert ‘Creme Caramel’ [EUR 1.2 – 12 MAD] not very tasty, prepared from semi-finished, fish dish ‘Tagine de Poisson’ [EUR 6 – 60 MAD] was delicious, freshly squeezed orange with avocado juice [EUR 2 – 20 MAD ]. Sitting in a cafe I watched an out-of-date picture: a man on a beach go with a couple of camels, he was thinking maybe someone interested in entertainment, a nearby man riding a horse through a sandy beach, local children swaming in the rain in the Atlantic Ocean

October 26 Friday, 2018

  • Breakfast: 9:30 am hotel breakfast: cooked eggs, spreadable cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, long loaf butter, two kinds of jam, orange sprinkled with cinnamon, green tea with a lot of sugar, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice
  • I traveled with a taxi: 10:15 am I was waiting for the bus to stop at Taghazout, but he didn’t come. With other tourists we sit in the old Mercedes Benz taxi and travel to Agadir city [EUR 3 x 1 person. – 30 MAD] (total tax was 15 EUR – 150 MAD divided by five persons)
  • I traveled by bus: I got off at Agadir ‘TCM (www.ctm.ma) bus station. I bought a bus ticket to ‘Essaouira’ [EUR 7 – 70 MAD]. I bought tickets on the first floor of the station from the TCM kiosk. You can also buy in the next kiosk ‘Transport National & International, Supratours’ at the same price. The price of the ticket offered on the second floor of the station was [EUR 4 – 40 MAD], but it was not clear whether the buses were good, comfortable, it was inportant because the journey would take about 4:30 hours. I had to wait an hour and a half before the bus trip. Waiting to see those buses with a ticket price of EUR 4 turned out to be good enough to travel, so you can try to buy cheaper tickets
  • Lunch: I had a fish sandwich at the station café, and I drink various fruit juices [EUR 3.7 – 37 MAD]. I ate half a fish sandwich because the smell of food was bad and I was very poisoned by my misfortune. This caused high temperature and stomach ailments. The bus was stopped in ‘Tamanar’ for 20 minutes. There was a toilet, food cafes, shops. I’m not sure if cheaper buses have stops
  • I traveled on foot: 5:00 pm I came to ‘Essaouira’, walked maybe 20 minutes from the stop to Medina (Old Town), where I was booked a romm. I walked to ‘City Walls’ castle (a lot of people stood there because of a really nice view and a good place to accompany the sun), walked through the old town of Essaouira and the fishing pier
  • Accommodation: I stayed at ‘Riad Aanbra’ hotel, Essaoiura [EUR 25 x 2 pers, 1 night, double room], breakfast included in room rate

October 27 Saturday, 2018

  • Breakfast: the hotel’s breakfast served: boiled egg, pancakes, long loaf, jam, butter, coffee or tea, optionally
  • I traveled on foot: I spent the day walking through Essaouira Medina (Old Town). In the city market I have chosen to buy home scents, argan oil, argan oil soaps, 100% argan oil petroleum jelly. There is a lot of shops of leather goods (handbags, shoes), carpets, scarves, blankets, camel wool clothes, argan oil products, beauty products, jewelry, etc. In the Old Town you will find not only merchants but also cafes, for those who like to sweeten their lives are specialized sweet food bakery. Bakery prices [EUR 0,60 – 6 MAD]
  • Dinner: 8:00 pm I eated dinner in an African-style café in the Old Town. There was live music here, probably because of that I sit here. I asked for vegan, five types of Moroccan salad [EUR 6 – 60 MAD]. According to the owner of the cafe, this is a dish serving the country. It was interesting to taste, but their salads are similar to Lithuanian mixed salads
  • Accommodation: I stayed at ‘Riad Beldy’, a hotel in Essaouira [EUR 22 x 2 pers., 1 night, double room] in the heart of the old town. I chose this hotel because the overnight stay at ‘Riad Aanbra’ were not possible

October 28 Sunday, 2018

  • Breakfast: at closed roof terrace of the hotel. They were served: pancakes, honey, strawberry jam, long loaf, butter, cheese, coffee, tea
  • I traveled by bus: 10:30 am I was connected to the hotel internet, I booked my stay in Marrakesh and moved to the ‘Supratours’ bus station, which was just 2 minutes away from the hostel. A ticket from Essaouira to Marrakesh cost [EUR 8.5 – 85 MAD]
  • I traveled by bus: I traveled by bus to the city of Marrakesh at 11:30 am. 12:35 pm. The bus stopped at an intermediate stop in Sidi Makhtar for 20 minutes
  • I traveled on foot: 2:30 pm I arrived at Marrakesh City Train Station. From the station go to hotel was far enough, but I chose to walk to the hotel near ‘Jema El Feda’. When looking for a hotel on the streets of Marrakesh, a black guy asked what I was looking for and I told him. He go ahead me and repeated that I couldn’t trust navigation. I told him that thanks, but I know the way, I have an address. But he stubbornly stood in front and convinced me that I didn’t know here that navigation was the devil’s invention. Finally, when I came to the hotel door I realized that I would have to pay him. I give him EUR 3 – 30 MAD, and he was angry, screaming on me. He asked EUR 20 – 200 MAD. I didn’t agree to pay, I told him I didn’t ask me to help find the way to the hotel. He was very angry … Finally I said to take EUR 4 – 40 MAD because I can’t pay more. Money accepted. If you don’t want problems, don’t say what you’re looking for or pay for their work
  • Lunch: I sat down at ‘Niama Snack Restro’s’ fast food restaurant, ate a delicious pizza with chicken (their fried pizza pad is very tasty) [EUR 3 – 30 MAD], I drink green tea [EUR 1 – 10 MAD]. ‘Shawarma’ (kebab in plate) [EUR 3.5 – 35 MAD], orange juice [EUR 0.80 – 8 MAD]
  • Occommodation: I stayed at Hotel ‘Riad Tmzzouzt’, Marrakesh. Nice hotel and room, breakfast included in room rate [EUR 25 x 2 pers. 1 night, double room]

October 29 Monday, 2018

  • Breakfast: 10:00 am breakfast on the rooftop terrace, menu the same as everywhere: pancakes, long loaf, butter, spreadable cheese, jam, orange juice, coffee (packet, soluble), tea
  • I traveled on foot: I was waiting for a room at another hotel at 12:00 am because ‘Riad Tmzzouzt’ have not room for one more night. While I wait the owner of the hotel took care of the green tea. From the roof of the terrace you can see the ‘Atlas’ mountains and the sun shone
  • I traveled on foot: 13:00 pm I settled in the room, left my travel backpack and got ready to visit:
  • Jama el Feda Square was buzzing, many merchants, famous and varied music, many carriages that can ride you around the city, performances with snakes, monkeys are chained to take pictures. Night in the square a little calmer, more traders, performances a little less
  • ‘La Mamounia’ hotel garden free entrance. You can only explore the garden here, but no enter the hotel. It was very luxurious, looking at room rates ranging from $ 400 – $ 6,000 per night
  • I visited the Koutoubia Minaret (I have seen mosque from the outside)
  • On the narrow streets of Medina, I went to the place where people came from the mountains to make leather goods. Wherever I can’t say exactly where I was, I followed a local who drove me to the place for free. I was immediately informed that I would not be afraid, he would not ask for money. It was so. I put an eye on what’s going on. The local people gave me a fresh mint leaf and showed me to smell it because of the strong skin odor. Invited to an excursion (price – how much you want to give) around the concrete baths with leather, but I refused
  • Lunch: I ordered a fruit dessert at ‘Kessabine Cafe Station’ [EUR 3.5 – 35 MAD], Tajine dish [EUR 7 – 70 MAD]
  • ‘Bahia Palace’ [EUR 7 – 70 MAD] is place where you will see mosaic floors, walls and ceiling painted in various patterns. A spectacularly looking palace, bearing in mind that everything that is there is a very crafted hand job
  • ‘Cyber ​​Park’ is a city park where you can see clippings of various shapes hedges
  • Dinner: ‘Jama El Feda’ Square in the café ‘Tajin Darna’. Their soup is very tasty, called ‘Harira’ [EUR 1.2 – 12 MAD], ‘Pastilla Poulet’ is melted in the mouth [EUR 6 – 60 MAD], ‘Tagine’ with chicken and vegetables [EUR 4.5 – 45 MAD]
  • I traveled on foot: in the main town square I bought local dried mint tea (bag price [EUR 1 – 10 MAD], last night the price was EUR 2 🙂
  • Accommodation: I stayed at ‘Riad Hna Ben Saleh’ [EUR 33 x 2 pers., 1 night, double room], breakfast included in room rate

October 30 Tuesday, 2018

  • Breakfast: 9:00 am breakfast in ‘Riad Hna Ben Saleh’. Menu: boiled egg, barrel, butter, spreadable cheese, strawberry jam, very fresh long loaf with chocolate filling, coffee, hot milk, tea. I admired the beautiful mountain views from the roof terrace
  • I traveled on foot: 10:00 am to Marrakesh Train Station. 11:15 am near the train station I found a bus station, bought a ‘Supratours’ bus ticket to Agadir city [EUR 11 – 110 MAD]
  • I traveled by bus/ on foot: 3:00 pm I got off at Agadir CTM Bus Station. I walked to McDonald’s to buy ice cream [EUR 0.70 – 7 MAD]. Two minutes away from the fast food restaurant I went to ‘Anezi’ bus stop. The day is very hot
  • I traveled by bus: 4:30 pm bus L32 no. from ‘Anezi’ to ‘Taghazout’ [EUR 0.75 – 7.5 MAD]
  • I traveled on foot: when I got off from the bus in ‘Taghazout’, rain was raining and I couldn’t find the hotel on the map. I asked one cafe employee to call to the hotel and he contacted. Hotel staff arrived to pick me up. Hotel draws a location near the water on the map to attract tourists, but the hotel was on the hill, perhaps there was no exact address. When I have arrived to the hotel the hosts gave me tea with biscuits
  • Dinner: in the café where the employee helped to call the hotel. I ordered rice with Indian chicken – super delicious [EUR 10 – 100 MAD]
  • Accommodation: I stayed in ‘Tayought Surf House’ [EUR 30 x 2 pers., 1 night, double room], breakfast included in room rate. The rooftop terrace is very cozy: all the time the music was played, the tourists staying here were pleasant and interesting people, the staff was very helpful. The host of the hotel gave a bracelet to all women to remember. The fact that the room was very poorly soundproofed, was hard to sleep in the evening, woke up early in the morning from a wide range of sounds coming out of the street

October 31 Wednesday, 2018

  • Breakfast: 10:00 am breakfast at the hotel. Menu: egg, long loaf, jam, very tasty nut butter, tea, orange juice
  • I traveled on foot: 11:00 am to the very first hotel I stayed in when I arrived
  • I traveled on foot: the sun was heavily heated, the ocean was very wavy, a wonderful day on the beach. I watched as people were surfing
  • Lunch: In the local town café I ate ‘Bologna pasta’ [EUR 4 – 40 MAD]. Spaghetti noodles were delicious, but the meat had a specific smell
  • I traveled on foot: 3:40 pm I traveled to the further beach where I rented a surfboard, a jacket, a coach for an hour [EUR 35 – 350 MAD]. For the first time in my life I tried surfing, I really liked it. The instructor showed exercises on the shore before going to the water, laid out the instructions, then was in the water with me. After an hour he left me in the water as much as I wanted
  • Dinner: 7:00 pm Dinner ‘Wow Surf House’ Taghazout. I ordered ‘Crepes with Nutella’ [EUR 2.5 – 25 MAD], Latte coffee [EUR 1.5 – 15 MAD], ‘Cheesecake’ [EUR 3.5 – 35 MAD], I have never eaten so delicious cheese pie. Noodles with seafood (shrimps and squid rings) [EUR 8 – 80 MAD], fruit cocktail [EUR 2.5 – 25 MAD], Coca-Cola drink [EUR 1.5 – 15 MAD]
  • Accommodation: I stayed at ‘Oceana Surf Camp’ [EUR 25 x 2 pers. 1 night, double room]

November 1 Thursday, 2018

  • Breakfast: I did not book breakfast at the hotel, wanted something more varied, so I ate breakfast in one of ‘Taghazout’s Cafe’, next to the fisherman’s marina. For breakfast I ordered ‘L’auberge Morocco Yoghurt’ [EUR 3.5 – 35 MAD] it was a great choice: Greek yogurt, nut butter, raisins, almonds, honey, granola, banana. Granola with fruit was not so good choise and more expensive [EUR 4.5 – 45 MAD], Latte coffee [EUR 1.5 – 15 MAD], Fresh orange juice [EUR 1.5 – 15 MAD]
  • I traveled by bus: 12:15 pm from Taghazout Station with L32 no Bus ->> to Agadir ‘Wilaya stop’ [EUR 0.75 – 7.5 MAD]
  • I traveled on foot: I went to Agadir beach, sunbathed, I wandered in the ocean, I tasted ice cream [EUR 1 – 10 MAD]. I visited ‘Birds Valley’ – a wildlife park, such a mini zoo. No impression left, entrance free
  • I traveled by bus: 2:00 pm from ‘Wilaya’ Agadir stop with L97 bus to ‘Inezgane’ stop [EUR 0.50 – 5 MAD]. There was a bazaar near the stop, where I bought various fruits
  • I traveled by taxi: upon arrival at ‘Inezgane’ bus (bus) I found out that the bus that runs to Agadir airport will have to wait an hour, so I got a taxi that drove for [EUR 7 – 70 MAD]
    Lunch: After airport checks, the only airport café I ate was a very expensive [EUR 7 – 70 MAD] sandwich (like submarine) with fried potato straw. In addition to the high price, it was tasteless
    Traveling by plane: 6:35 pm from Agadir Al Massira Airport (AGA) – >> 00:30 am (November 2) to Vilnius Airport (VNO)
  • I traveled by taxi: upon arrival at ‘Inezgane’ bus stop I found out that the bus that runs to Agadir airport will come ofter an hour, so I got a taxi that drove for [EUR 7 – 70 MAD]
  • Lunch: in the only airport café I ate a very expensive [EUR 7 – 70 MAD] sandwich (like submarine) with fried potato straw. In addition to the high price, it was tasteless
  • I traveled by plane: 6:35 pm from Agadir Al Massira Airport (AGA) – >> 00:30 am (November 2) to Vilnius Airport (VNO)

My Travel Costs:

  • Airplane ticket = EUR 202 x 1 pers. (VNO-AGA-VNO)
  • Taxi = EUR 6.50 x 1 pers.
  • Bus tickets: EUR 30.5 x 1 pers.
  • Entertainment: EUR 7 x 1 pers.
  • Surfing lesson: EUR 35 x 1 pers.
  • Food: EUR 87.30 x 1 pers.
  • Accommodation: EUR 99.50 x 1 pers.

Total = EUR 467.80

TRIPTIP - travel tips:

* I didn't buy phone
card because the internet
was in hotels and cafes.

* Protect your personal

* Try water entertainment
it is popular here and
available all year round.

* Do not drink tap water.

* Carefully choose food.

* Have medications for
stomach ailments.

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