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Travel tips


New York (United States of America)
September 19-24th, 2015. Two travelers, 5 days trip

September 19th Saturday, 2015

  • Traveled by bus: 10:00 am from Atlantic City Bus Station —> to New York ‘Port Authority’ Bus Station [$ 27.50 x 1 pers.]
  • Accommodation: 14:00 pm I stayed in ‘Harlem YMCA hostel’ [$ 203,50 x 1 pers., for 4 nights] Yes, the hostel is located in the famous black people district. I stayed alive. Not so bad there. I got room on the 11th floor, up to the 5th floor hostel is accommodate by people who went out of prison and want to try live better life :). I got two breakfast vouchers at a local cafe. I can say It was unsafe feeling to go for breakfast at that cafe
  • Traveled by metro: 15:00 pm I went to metro and took subway number 3, heading towards the ‘Statue of Liberty’ [$ 10 x 1 pers.]
  • Traveled by boat: I was sailing with a free ferry to ‘Staten Island’ and back. I saw the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge
  • Traveled on foot – visited objects:
  • Battery Park – I was watching the sunset here, this park is on of the favorite places for families with children
  • Wall Street – I just passed this street
  • 9/11 Memorial – a wonderful place, especially in the evening !
  • One World Trade Center (I have seen the object from the outside)
  • World Financial Center (I have seen the object from the outside)
  • Little Italy – a street with many shops, restaurants and people. A functioning Christmas shop (even during the summer), the action takes place as a huge fair: on the street full of food kiosks and vans, everyone bakes, boils = a rainbow of scents
  • Lombardi’s Pizza – the first American pizzeria opened in 1905. I ordered a small pizza. I wanted to repeat a big pizza. Delicious. By the way, in the pizzeria, they gave me vibrating machines that vibrate when people left the table, so I had to wait about an hour, but on Little Italy Street, you will definitely find something to do while you wait for a table
  • Traveled by metro: 11:30 pm I returned to the hotel. In the Harlem area, I came safely and calmly

September 20th Sunday, 2015

  • Breakfast: 08:00 am breakfast in Harlem at the ‘Manna’s’ café (breakfast included in room rate) – waffles, pancakes, potatoes, rice, tomatoes (poor kitchen)
  • Traveled on foot: 9 am I went to Central Park. I was walking till 10:00 am, because I waited for my reservation (made it online) to rent a bicycle
  • Traveled on bicycle: 10:00 am I rented a bicycle in Central Park ‘Bike & Rental Central Park’ bike rental [$ 20 x 1 pers.]. I drove with orange bicycle:
  • Central Park
  • Friends Building – serial ‘Friends’ building, which has a café at the first floor (I have seen the object from the outside)
  • The High Line – hiking trail over the city of New York. Go here with a bicycle – the is impossible because many people are walking, so I locked it in the city
  • St. John Catedral (I looked at the object from the outside)
  • Columbus Circle
  • Fluffy’s Cafe
  • Broadway Theater (I have seen the object from the outside)
  • Flemington Building (I have seen  the object from the outside)
  • Bryant Park – my Favorite! For me it is the most cozy place which is surrounded by skyscrapers !
  • American Radiator Building (I have seen  the object from the outside)
  • Dinner: ‘Wafels & Dinges’ – delicious waffles with ice cream. The food van is located in Bryant Park, next to the street, with the view of skyscrapers, it was fun to eat here
  • I looked at the ‘Top of the Rock Observation’ from outside during the day
  • Radio City Hall Building (I have seen the object from the outside)
  • I spent 9h 30 mins on bicycle. I returned the bike to the rental point. I can say that it is very worth to rent a bike because I saw a lot and save a lot of time
  • Traveled on foot: ‘Top of the Rock Observation’ at night. Shining New York is amazing [$ 30 x 1 pers.]
  • traveled by metro: 11:00 pm I supplement a subway card (this can be done at the subway stop, there is a machine), I returned to the hostel [$ 5 x 1 pers. metro card supplement]

September 21th Monday, 2015

  • Breakfast: 08:30 am breakfast in Harlem, ‘Manna’s’ Cafe (food included in the room price) – was only fruit for breakfast
  • Traveled by metro: to ‘Bronx Zoo NYC’. The zoo has gorillas, they was very cute. In fact, I’m just visiting monkeys in zoos. I love them! Compared to others, I didn’t really like this zoo. Price is not low [$ 34 x 1 pers.]
  • Traveled on foot – visited objects:
  • Manhattan Midtown
  • New York Public Library – unfortunately library’s main reading room was closed for repairs
  • Lunch: 5:30 pm ‘Pizzini’z’ Italian Pizza. A cozy place in the center of New York  
  • Central Post Office (I looked at the object from the outside)
  • Times Square at night. I listened the opera on the red stairs
  • I love M&M’S World Store :). I bought one piece of each candy to taste: D

September 22th Tuesday, 2015

  • Traveled on foot: 9 am I went to ‘Times Square’. I was planning to go to ‘Broadway Show’, but I had to buy tickets earlier to get them at a good price. In Times Square you will see a kiosk under the stairs, where you can buy cheaper, last minute tickets
  • Traveled on foot – visited objects:
  • Time to shop in New York City stores
  • 2:00 pm I went to the ‘Empire State Building’ [$ 32 x 1 pers.]. Very beautiful top views… I’m here for the second time, still very nice !
  • 3:00 pm China Town. The goal is to eat china food. By the way, I didn’t found the Chinese Buffet in New York, although I like that kitchen very much
  • Little Italy, Soho – a fun area for a walk
  • 5:30 pm New York University building (I looked at the object from the outside)
  • Washington Park – has a very beautiful arch, stairs directly into the fountain. Beautiful evening

September 23th Wednesday, 2015

  • Traveled by metro: 10:00 am I was checked- out of the hostel and I was already traveling with all my luggage to my favorite Bryant Park drink a coffee
  • Traveled by metro: 13:00 pm towards to John Kennedy International Airport, New York (JFK)

September 24th Thursday, 2015

  • Traveled by plane: from John Kennedy International Airport, New York (JFK) —–> 4:50 pm to Berlin Airport (BER)
  • Traveled by plane: from Berlin Airport (BER) —–> 08:50 am to Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW). One guy helped to find the ‘Ecolines’ bus stop. I couldn’t find links in another language (only in polish)
  • Traveled by bus: 2:00 pm from Warsaw Bus Station—–> 8:30 pm to Kaunas Bus Station

My Travel Costs:

  • Bus tickets =  $ 27.50 x 1 pers. (Atlantic City – New York)
  • Accommodation = $ 203.50 x 1 pers. (4 nights in a double room, ‘Harlem YMCA hostel’)
  • Metro tickets = $ 15 x 1 pers. ( 5-day metro card supplement)
  • Bike Rent = $ 20 x 1 pers. ( all-day price) bike rental ‘Bike & Rental Central Park’
  • Top of The Rock Observation = $ 30 x 1 pers. (at night)
  • Bronx Zoo NYC = $ 34 x 1 pers.
  • Empire State Building = $ 32 x 1 pers. (at daytime)

Total = $ 362

TRIPTIP - travel tips:

* If you are in New York
not long, but want to see
a lot, I suggest renting
a bike.

* I wanted to see the
Empire State Building
and New York city ​​at
night, so at night time I
got to the Top of The
Rock Observation.
During daytime
I was on the Empire
State Building to
see to New York City
from the top.