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Travel tips


Oslo (Oslo, Norway, Europe) 
January 23-25, 2018. Two travelers, 3 days trip

23 January, 2018

  • I traveled by plane: 06:40 am from Vilnius Airport (VNO) ->> 07:40 am to Oslo Lufthavn Airport, Gardermoen (OSL) [EUR 5 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled by train: from Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen Airport (OSL) ->> to Oslo S City Center, the journey took about 20-30 minutes [EUR 10 x 1 pers.]. The ticket is valid for about 2 hours for all city transport. You can buy a train ticket when you arrive at the airport, there are ticket vending machines, staff nearby will help you if you don’t understand something
  • I traveled by subway: from Oslo S City Center ->> to {Manglerudveien Tane} stop. When you leave the train station, you should look for an underground passage, where you will find a subway. Ask passers-by if you can’t find one
  • Accommodation: [no fee] I stayed in Manglerudveien district. I arrived here to leave my baggage
  • I traveled by metro: from the {Manglerudveien Tane} stop ->> to Oslo S City Center [the trip did not cost because I was able to use a valid train ticket]
  • Breakfast: at ‘MacDonalds’ Restaurant [EUR 6 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled by car: I spent the whole day walking in the center of Oslo. That day beautifully snowing, there was good weather. I visited objects:
  • Oslo Theater (object viewed from outside)
  • Royal Palace, Oslo (I saw object from the outside)
  • The Vigeland Park – the park is very large, with many sculptures
  • Oslo Opera House: I climbed onto the roof of the building from where I saw the panorama of the city
  • Akershus Castle
  • Oslo Marina
  • National Library of Norway – I came here to warm up and use the internet. Inside you will find a radiator on which I dried the hat and gloves
  • Dinner: I eat brownie and hot chocolate cookies with coffee at the American style cafe [EUR 10 x 1 pers.]

January 24 Wednesday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: [no cost] 10:30 am I drove about 20 km from Manglerudveien ->> to Homenkollen Ski Museum. By the entrance to the ski museum I climb from the first step up to the top of the ski track. There was fog in the air, the bottom was not seen, the climb was very static, slippery, scary, but interesting. I went to the museum free of charge (I don’t even know or enter the entrance fairly). An interactive, modern museum
  • I traveled by car: [no cost] to the panorama of ‘Frognerseteron restourant’ (5 minutes from ‘Homenkollen Ski Museum’). Unfortunately, the mist did not allow us to admire the panorama of the mountains
  • Dinner: I bought food in the shop and made at home [EUR 8 x 1 person.]
  • I traveled by car: [no cost] 6:00 pm I drove to the city center. The goal was to visit ‘Ice Bar’, but the 20 Eur entrance was expensive
  • I traveled on foot: I was skating in the city center ice rink (during the summer there is a fountain). I walked in the city of Oslo and surprised by the heated city streets
  • I traveled by car: panorama of ‘Ekebergergparken’. WOW !!!!! From the panorama you have a wonderful and perfect view! In the park, all the tracks are covered with ice and water, difficult to go, but the park is illuminated, full of interesting sculptures. One sculpture is special – a talking light, you will find it easily because it will talk with you

January 25 Thursday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: [no cost] 07:00 am from Manglerudveien town where I stayed ->> 07:40 am to Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen Airport (OSL)
  • I traveled by plane: 08:10 am from Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen Airport (OSL) ->> 11:05 am to Vilnius Airport (VNO) [EUR 5 x 1 pers.]

My Travel Costs:

  • Airplane ticket = EUR 10 x 1 pers. (VNO-OSL-VNO)
  • Train ticket = EUR 10 x 1 pers. (Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen Airport (OSL) – Oslo S City Center)
  • Food = EUR 24 x 1 pers.

Total = EUR 44

TRIPTIP - travel tips:
* It was enough for me
during the winter
3 days to walk around
Oslo city.

* Snow does not
frighten if take care
of warm clothing and

* In January Oslo
appeared very