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Travel tips

Riga/ Jūrmala 2017 (Latvia, Europe)

Riga / Jurmala (Latvia, Europe)
August 25-27, 2017. Two travelers, 3 days trip

August 25 Friday, 2017

  • I traveled by car: 6:40 pm from Kaunas —–> 10:30 pm to Riga [EUR 15 x 1 pers. fuel costs 260 km at 85-90 km/ h]
  • Overnight stay: at ‘Circle K’ near {Skaistkalnes Street}, a specially equipped car for sleep (Volkswagen Caravelle)

August 26 Saturday, 2017

  • I taveled on foot:
  • At 10:10 am I left the car at ‘Circle K’ at the petrol station I went to the city of Riga. I visited objects:
  • Riga Market
  • The Freedom Monument
  • Riga Navity of Christ Cathedral (I have seen object from the outside)
  • K6B Museum [free entrance]
  • Bastelkalna Parks
  • Riga Castle (I have seen object from the outside)
  • Bush Bridge
  • National Library of Latvia (I have seen object from the outside)
  • Breakfast: in the ‘Big Bad Bagels’ café [EUR 5 x 1 pers.]
  • Lunch: I ordered pasta in the ‘WokToWak’ café [EUR 5 x 1 pers.]
  • 15:00 pm I came back to the car
  • I traveled on bicycle:
  • 15:30 pm from ‘Circle K’ petrol I ride about 11 km with my own bike to the museum ‘Riga Motor Museum’ [EUR 10 x 1 pers.]. Very nice, interactive museum
  • 6:00 pm I traveled around Riga along the Daugava River. Beautiful coast, benches, all neatly arranged
  • 7:00 pm I came back to the car
  • 9:00 pm I was riding a bicycle to the city, looking at the night-lights of Riga’s bridges. Going for a walk on foot or riding by bike in Riga is safe and convenient
  • I traveled by car: 11:30 pm driving towards Jūrmala (about 18 km)
  • Overnight stay: in the car parked in only one of the petrol stations near the bridge to Jūrmala

August 27 Sunday, 2017

  • I traveled by car: if you travel with car you have to pay for the entrance to Jūrmala. 11:00 am I left the car near the bridge in the forest parking lot and ride to Jurmala with a bicycle
  • I traveled by bicycle: around Jūrmala, dropped about 21 km
  • Traveling by car: 3:00 pm from Jūrmala —–> 7:00 pm to Kaunas [EUR 15,50 x 1 person, fuel costs 260 km at 85-90 km/ h]

My Travel Costs:

  • Food & drinks = EUR 24.28 x 1 pers.
  • Museum ticket = EUR 10 x 1 pers. (‘ Riga Motor Museum’)
  • Fuel costs  = EUR 30.50  x 1 pers.

TOTAL = EUR 64, 74

TRIPTIP - travel tips:

* Riga city easily bypass
or ride by bicycle.

* Jūrmala is beautiful,
neat and quiet resort.
There is a large free
park for children with
crooks. Also, you can
visit Jūrmala Water Park.