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Travel tips

Tallinn 2014 (Estionia, Europe)

Tallinn (Estionia, Europe)
December 12-13th, 2014. Two travelers, 2 days trip

December 12th Friday, 2014

  • Traveled by train: 7:44 pm from ‘Kaunas Train Station’ —–> to ‘Vilnius Train Station’ [EUR 2.60 x 1 pers.]
  • Traveled by trolley: from ‘Vilnius Train Station’ —–> to ‘Panorama’ shopping centre  [EUR 1 x 1 pers.]
  • Traveled by bus: with ‘LuxExpress’ bus, from Vilnius ‘Panorama’ shopping centre —–> to ‘Tallinn Bus Station’ [EUR 17,37 x 1 pers.,, round trip ticket]

December 13th Thursday, 2014

  • Traveled by bus: 06:55 am bus arrived to ‘Tallinn Bus Station’
  • Traveled on foot: 08:30 am from ‘Tallinn Bus Station’ to Tallinn City Centre. I saw a city Christmas tree, walked in the city center and supermarkets
  • Dinner: at one of Tallinn Old Town ccafe [EUR 8 x 1 pers., – pancakes, EUR 1.85 x 1 pers., – coffee, EUR 2.15 x 1 pers., – tea, EUR 3 x 1 pers.,- Estonian candy gifts]

December 13th Saturday,  2014

  • Traveled by bus: 5:00 pm from ‘Tallinn Bus Station’ ——> 10:30 pm to Vilnius City ‘Panorama’ shopping centre
  • Accommodation: [for free] in Vilnius City

December 14th Sunday,  2014

  • Traveled by train: 06:45 am from ‘Vilnius Train Station’ —–> to ‘Kaunas Train Station’ [EUR 2.60 x 1 pers.]

My Travel Costs:

  • Transport tickets = EUR 23,57 x 1 pers.
  • Food costs = EUR 12 x 1 pers.

Total = EUR 35,57

TRIPTIP - travel tips:
* Look at the weather
forecast while traveling in
winter. I didn't have a
chance enjoy the capital
of Estonia because of bad
weather. As a result,
additional cost of purchasing
other shoes because of the
shoes I came with was
the 'sea' inside. Think about
clothing and footwear
when traveling in winter.