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West Coast (United States of America)
September 16-28th, 2016. Four travelers, 13 days trip

September 16th Friday, 2016

  • Traveled by plane: 07:00 am from Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD) —–> 9:00 am to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (NV) [ $ 286.20 x 1 pers., return flight ticket included to Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD) with baggage] (ticket purchased on August 21th, 2016, ‘Frontier Airlines’)
  • Traveled by car: I rented a car at Las Vegas Airport, at ‘Alamo Car Rental’, paid  with a debit card [ $ 164.23 x 1 pers.]. Car rentals are easy to find follow a signhts
  • Traveled by car: 11:00 am I moved from Las Vegas McCarran Airport (NV) ——> 1:30 pm I came to ‘Zion National Park’, Utah. I entered park with ‘Annual Pass’ which I bought in the Internet before my trip [ ‘Annual Pass’ ticket costing $ 80, the price was split between 4 people $ 20 x 1 pers. The ticket was valid for 4 people in many national parks, the list of parks can be found in the internet]. The Zion Park train was carrying around the park. Here I saw the red rocks. Hiking tours through water gorges (visitors had special shoes, clothing)
Zion National Canyon
+2 h 47 min (167 miles) 
over the I-15 N road 
Tour in Zion NP lasted 3 h 30 min 
Working hours: 
24 h a day, 
every day of the year 
Price: $ 0 with Annual Pass, 
without passport 7 , $ 5 x 1 person 
Ticket available for ‘Zion Canyon’ 
and ‘Kolob Canyon’
  • Accommodation: 5:00 pm I left Zion National Park —–> 11:55 pm I stayed at the ‘Days Inn Clearfield’ hotel [ $ 20.60 x 1 pers., quadruple room]
September 16th Fri – 17th Sat
Days Inn Clearfield 
(good, large room with kitchen,
delicious breakfast) 
i – breakfast included 
i – there are cafes around
1 night 1 room / 4 persons
Check-in 16/09/2016 from 2 pm
Check-out from 17/09/2016 to 11 am
One room $ 72 11,85%
Tax $ 8,53
The total price $ 80.53
Price per person  $ 20.60
Address: 572 North Main Street,
Clearfield UT 84015,
United States + 1 801 825 8000

September 17th Saturday, 2016

  • Traveled by car: 06:30 am from the Days Inn Clearfield hotel —–> 11:00 am to West Yellowstone NP. Very, very beautiful National Park. Geysers (Norris, Madison, Old Faitghful, West Thumb, Grant Village), Bisons, nature… In two words ‘Discovery Channel’!
Yellowstone NP West Entrance 
+ 4 h 30 min (292 miles) 
in the first 15-N and JP-20 E way 
Tour Yellowstone NP lasted +5 h 30 min
⤧ food have the ‘Wal-Mart’ 
Hours: 24 h per day, 
entertainment and services are 
limited at night and at certain 
times of the year. There are 5 entrances to the park, 
read about each entry time, each  time of year .
Possibility to stay at the marked campsites. 
Address: 2 Officers Row, Yellowstone 
National Park Headquarters, 
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190
  • Traveled by car: 4:30 pm from West Yellowstone NP ——> 5:30 pm I started driving through Grand Teton National Park. While driving I saw beautiful images through the car window, so I didn’t need to spend time to visit a park. In some places I stopped for a moment to admire the wonders of nature
 Grand Teton National Park 
+ 1 h 7 min (47.7 miles)

via US-191 S / US-287 S / US-89 S
Tour Grand Teton NP lasted +30 min.
Working hours: 24 h per day.
Price: $ 0 with ‘Annual Pass’
Address: 201 Headquarters Loop, Moose, WY 83012
  • Accommodation: 6:10 pm from Grand Teton National Park —-> 1:00 am to Clearfield Hotel [$ 18.78 x 1 pers., quadruple room ]
September 17th Sat  – 18th Sun
+ 6 h 39 min (341 miles)
via US-191 S / US-89 S and US-89 S Road
+7 h on road (Google Maps showed 6 h 39 min)
(with a stop for the fuel refill)  341 Miles

Days Inn Clearfield 
i – breakfast included 
i – all around is cafes
1 night 1 room / 4 persons
Check-in 17/09/2016 from 2 pm
Check-out 09/09/2016 to 11 am
One room $ 67 
Tax 11,85% fee $ 7,94
The total price of the property is $ 74.94
Price $ 18.78 per person
Address: 572 North Main Street,
Clearfield  UT 84015
United States 
+1 801 825 8000

September 18th Sunday, 2016

  • Traveled by car: 06:30 am from ‘Clearfield’ hotel —–> 11:00 am I arrived at ‘Bryce Canyon National Park’. I spent 4 hours on a tour of the National Park, but I think you should spend more time, as the canyon can walk down the paths, and by the way, if it is a hot day, you won’t hurry. I won’t try to describe Canyon with beautiful words, you will see by yourself
Bryce Canyon National Park 
+4 h 25 min (295 miles) 
via I-15 S 
Tour after Bryce NP lasted +4 h 
 8:00 am – 8:00 pm 
Price: $ 0 with Annual Pass / 
without passport $ 7.5 x 1 person 
 Highway 63, Bryce Canyon 
National Park, Bryce, UT 84764

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