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Travel tips


Winchester / London (United Kingdom, Europe)
August 9-15 2018. Two travelers, 7 days trip

August 9 Thursday, 2018

  • I traveled by plane: 11:10 am from Kaunas Airport (KUN) – >> 11:55 am to London, Luton Airport (LTU) [£ 40.43 x 1 pers.]
  • I traveled by taxi: with ‘Circle Cars’ taxi from Luton Airport – >> to Luton City Center [£ 2.80 x 1 pers.] (total taxi was £ 8.50 divided by three persons). To get taxi was quite complicated: during the phone program, the taxi company had to send the car numbers but did not send it. Then the taxi driver called and tried to find me in the crowd
  • Breakfast: at ‘The White House Café’ I ordered ‘Latte’ coffee [£ 1.25 x 1 pers.] and ‘American Style – Pancakes’ [£ 3.49 x 1 pers.]. The pancakes were served on a soup plate, and the tools for food were a fork with a spoon, which surprised me
  • I traveled by bus: 3:50 pm with ‘Green Line’ bus from Luton Interchange for Town Station (bus station in the city center, 5 minutes walk from ‘Luton Mall’) – >> 5:00 pm I arrive in London Victoria Coach Station (bus stop on the street near London Victoria Coach Station). 6:30 pm from London Victoria Coach Station – >> 8:30 pm to Winchester Bus Station. I traveled with the ‘National Express’ bus. Buses of this company are new, comfortable [£ 23.36 x 1 pers.]
  • Accommodatiom: [no cost] in Winchester Town

August 10 Friday, 2018

  • I traveled on foot: (I have to mention that everything here looks like the world of Harry Potter). I visited objects:
  • Winchester Old Town
  • Queens Court leading to Peninsula Square
  • University of Winchester
  • Winnall Moors Wildlife Reserve
  • Lunch: I bought food in ‘Tesco’. I went to the Starbucks Cafe to drink coffee [£ 2.55 x 1 pers.]
  • I went 20,000 steps

August 11 Saturday, 2018

  • I traveled on foot: 10:00 am to Winchester Old Town
  • Breakfast: Saturday is market in Winchester Old Town main street, where I bought ‘Apple Strudel’
  • I traveled by car: [no cost] 2:00 pm I arrived in Southampton City – I visited objects:
  • Southampton Weston Shore Promenade – I walked near the ‘The Solent’ channel
  • I was in ‘Westquay Shopping Center’ – a large shopping center with popular shops
  • Lunch: at ‘MacDonald’s’ Restaurant in ‘Westquay Shopping Center’ [£ 2 x 1 pers.], at ‘RED * DOG’ bar I drinked a cocktail. Bar is located near Westquay Shopping Center, entrance from outside
  • I traveled by car: [no cost] 5:00 pm from Southampton – >> back to Winchester, City Center

August 12 Sunday, 2018

  • I traveled on foot – I visited objects:
  • Winchester Old Town Parks 
  • Winchester Cathedral
  • Lunch: at ‘Pizza Pizza Pizzeria’ I ordered pizza [£ 7 x 1 pers., the total pizza cost £ 14 divided by two persons). I came to drink coffee in ‘Projects’ cafe [£ 2.20 x 1 pers.]. I can safely say that here I tasted the most delicious coffee ever (coffee beans have a very soft taste)
  • I went 20,000 steps 

August 13 Monday, 2018

  • I traveled on foot: 09:00 am to Winchester Old Town. I spent time in stores

August 14 Tuesday, 2018

  • I traveled by bus: 06:50 am with ‘National Express’ bus from Winchester Bus Station – >> 08:50 am to London Victoria Coach Station [£ 13.20 x 1 pers.] When arrived I I left my handluggage in the ‘Nannybag’ storage which located near London Victoria Coach Station (3 minutes walk). The storage is located in the bar called ‘Bar Wine’ on Victoria Street. When you will be going from Victoria Coach station on Buckingham Palace Road (street) under the left you will see ‘Adrian’s’ café, where you can ask for information about the ‘Bar Wine Bar’ (luggage storage). The luggage storage opens at 10:00 am
  • Breakfast: at ‘Sourced’ café I ordered coffee and ‘English muffin with salmon and cream [£ 3 x 1 pers., total cost £ 6, price and breakfast were divided by two people’
  • At 10:00 am I left the suitcase . I was in London for about 9 hours so I paid for luggage starage [£ 6] (cost for the whole day)
  • Traveled on foot – I visited objects:
  • The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace
  • Phoemix in Victoria
  • Buckingham Palace Garden. Most of the park was closed due to the attack of the morning. I have chosen small streets to reach further objects in order to avoid the possibility of possible attacks
  • The National Gallery (I have seen the object from the outside)
  • Coca-Cola London Eye – get on the circle cost [£ 27 x 1 pers.]. I don’t buy this entertainment
  • Big Ben – I saw it on the other ‘River Thames’ because it was being repared at that time
  • Lunch: I ordered pancakes with Nutella and coffee in the ‘House of Crepes Cafe’ [£ 5.60 x 1 pers.]
  • I went across the River ‘River Thames’ to’ King’s Cross St Pancras Underground Station
  • Brunch: I drink a milk shake at ‘Five Guys’ cafe, next to’ King’s Cross St Pancras Underground Station [£ 5.45 x 1 pers.]
  • King’s Cross of Pancras Underground Station. At the station people are lined up in rows inside and outside to take photos at Platform 9 and 3/4. Who likes Harry Potter, they will understand. Continuing on the same topic, Harry Potter’s souvenir shop (in the station) is stuffing of people
  • St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel (I have seen the object from outside)
  • Russell Square
  • Oxford Street (London’s main shopping street)
  • Green Park
  • Dinner: 5:30 pm I ordered coffee and divine flavor cinnamon cake at the ‘Ole & Steen Cafe’
  • 6:00 pm I took my suitcase from the ‘Nannybag’ storage
  • I went 36000 steps, about ~ 23 km
  • I traveled by bus: 6:25 pm from Victoria Coach Station. When I stood in the queue to the ‘National Express’ bus, I saw A1, Luton Airport – all right, I went to Lunton. The ticket controller says to me: your bus to Luton, but the number is 757 and not even at this station. Well, there is a bus number 757 on the other side of the street. I gor in the right bus on time – >> 6:30 pm with the ‘Green Line’ bus from London Victoria Coach Station (stop on the street) – >> 9:10 pm to Luton Interchange for Town Station (the station is in the city center of Luton). If you buy a bus ticket from ‘National Express’, don’t be surprised to go with the ‘Green Line’ bus
  • Accommodation: [ot cost] in the Luton City

August 15 Wednesday, 2018

  • I traveled by car: [no cost] at 4:50 am I was taken to the bus stop in central Luton, from where a free bus ride me to Luton Airport (bus arrives every 10 minutes)
  • I traveled by plane: 06:27 am from London, Luton Airport (LTU) – >> 10:40 am to Kaunas Airport (KUN)

My Travel Costs:

  • Airplane ticket = £ 80.86 x 1 pers. (KUN-LTU-KUN)
  • Taxi = £ 2.80  x 1 pers.
  • Bus ticket = £ 23.36 x 1 pers. (with ‘Green Line’ bus from Luton Interchange for Town Center – >> transfer London, Victoria Coach Station – >> with ‘National Express’ bus to Winchester Bus Station
  • Bus ticket = £ 11 x 1 pers. (with ‘National Express’ bus from Winchester Bus Station – >> to London, Victoria Coach Station
  • Bus ticket = £ 13.20 x 1 pers. (with ‘Green Line’ bus from London, Victoria Coach Station – >> to Luton Interchange for Town Center
  • Luggage storage = £ 6  x 1 pers.
  • Food costs = £ 31.24 x 1 pers. (coffee prices 1-3 pounds x 1 pers., lunch prices 5-8 pounds x 1 pers.)

Total = £ 168.46

TRIPTIP - travel tips:
* When traveling to the
UK take a raincoat/
umbrella and rubber