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Poland coast 2019

Poland (Europe)
April 13 – April 14, 2019. Two travelers, 2 days trip

April 13 Saturday, 2019

We planned a few days trip to Hel Peninsula in Poland. We planned to charge the electric car at the Kalvarija post just before the Lithuania and Poland countries border and drive towards the goal. However, the charging station did not work, so we returned 35 km to Marijampolė city charging station. A total of 70 km of meaningless driving, the charging of the station was 32 – 36 kw at 50 – 85% of the battery limit. We could go straight to Suwalki city and load the car there, but we didn’t use the ‘Greenway‘ card before, so we didn’t want to risk. We tested the first charging station at Suwalki. The station worked, the charging card worked too so we loaded the car and drive further

Along the way, all charging stations also worked without any problems, they were easy to find, charging stations built near supermarkets, petrol stations and so on, so you’ll find things to do when you leave your car for 45-60 minutes for their free parking

At night, we loaded the electric car at the Type 2 toll-free Greenway station in Gdynia.The charging station is located in the city center, near the beach, the petrol station, the Science Center EXPERYMENT, so there is something to do. We went to the Pier in Orłowo bridge. I offer to see a nearby attraction – Klif Orłowski

April 14 Sunday, 2019

In the morning the battery is full of charge. We going towards the goal. Very soon we receive a bill for night loading [PLN 283,11] (1eur / kw) we have written to ‘Greenway ‘ right away . We quickly received a response that an error occurred and the bill will not be included

We reached the Hel peninsula which stretches for about 35 km to the Baltic Sea in Gdansk Bay. This peninsula was enjoyed by holidaymakers, and especially by windsurfers. There are still fishing settlements in the Hel peninsulaHel , the same name town , is located on the very tip of the peninsula

On our way back to Gdansk city, we walked to Molo w Brzeźnie Bridge

As we passed through Gdansk, we watched huge drawings on the buildings, named Galeria Malarstwa Monumentalnego. We drove to Marina Gdansk. We came back to Lithuania without problems loading the electric car. We drove a total of 1308 km. In Poland we loaded 82.56 kw, which cost [EUR 43.75], the price of 100 km was [EUR 3.35]. If the price of 100 km only in Poland, when charging an electric car at pay charging stops, it is about 100 km for [EUR 9]. Not to mention the fact that we were driving all the way up to 100 km / h. There is a closet with three-phase and one-phase rosettes near the stops – so it could be your plan B