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Travel tips


Washington DC (United States of America)
July 27, 2015. Four travelers, 2 days trip

July 27th Monday, 2015

  • Traveled by bus: 7:00 pm from Atlantic City, New Jersey —–> 9:50 pm bus stop to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I walked in the city while I waited for a bus to Washington, DC

July 28th Tuesday, 2015

  • Traveled by bus: 02:30 am bus arrived to ‘Washington Bus Station’
  • Traveled on foot – visited objects:
  • ‘Union Station’
  • ‘National Post museum’ (I saw object from the outside)
  • ‘Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building’ (subject viewed from the outside only)
  • ‘U.S Capitol’ ( I saw object from the outside)
  • ‘U.S Botanic Garden’
  • ‘National Museum of the American Indian’ ( I saw object from the outside)
  • ‘National Air and Space Museum’ ( I saw object from the outside)
  • ‘Smithsonian Institution Building and The Castle’ ( I saw object from the outside)
  • ‘Washington Monument’
  • ‘The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’ (USHMM) ( I saw object from the outside)
  • ‘Thomas Jefferson Memorial’
  • ‘Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial ‘
  • ‘Lincoln Memorial’ – here I met the sun on the stairs!
  • ‘Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge’
  • ‘Albert Einstein Memorial’
  • ‘Pennsylvania Avenue’
  • 8:50 ‘U.S Capitol’ – I went inside with a tour
  • ‘Library of Congress’ – Unreal!
  • I returned to Unios Station to buy bus ticket back to Atlantic City
  • ‘White House’ ( I saw object from the outside)
  • ‘Washington Monument’ – the goal was to get up and explore the city from above, but tickets were sold from 8 am to 9 am. There is a view of the city from the Old Post Office Tower, but restoration has been carried out
  • ‘WWII Memorial’ (World War II veterans)
  • ‘National Sculpture Garden’ – I had soaked feet in a pool with a dancing fountain, a hot day. I throw the coin to fountain for luck come back here again
  • ‘National Gallery of Art East/ West Building’ – I liked the paintings very much, I regret that I didn’t have much time, so I didn’t seen all the exhibits
  • Traveled by bus: from Union Station —–> 10:30 pm to Atlantic City Bus Staton
  • During the travel I walked 13 hours , 44 hours I was without sleep (some sleep on the bus only). I really liked Washington !

My Travel Costs:

  • Bus tickets = $70 x 1 pers. (Atlantic City-Washington, DC-Atlantic City)
  • Food and drinks costs = $30 x 1 pers.

Total = $ 100

TRIPTIP - kelionės patarimai: 
* I chose to explore
Washington on foot. At Union
Station it was possible to
rent a bicycle for $ 8-1h or
$ 40 for the whole day.
* On a hot summer day, it is
worth taking care of the
* https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/
- Convert to the currency
you need.