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West Coast/ New York/ New Jersey 2012 (United States of America)

West Coast/ New York/ New Jersey (United States of America)
September 5-21th , 2012. Four travelers, 9 days trip

September 5th Wednesday, 2012

  • Traveled by bus: from Boston ‘Greyhound’ Bus Station (Boston, MA) —–> to ‘Port Authority’ Bus Terminal (New York) [$ 15,25 x 1 pers.]
  • Traveled by plane: from ‘John Kennedy International Airport, New York’ (JFK) —–> to ‘McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas’ (LAS) [$ 232.70 x 1 pers., price included round trip ticket back to Boston]
  • Traveled by taxi: from ‘McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas’ (LAS) —–> to  ‘Stratosphere Hotel’ (Las Vegas) [$ 5 x 1 pers.]
  • Walked on foot – visited objects:
  • I got up the elevator to ‘Stratosphere Hotel & Tower’ [$ 20 x 1 pers.]. From this rooftop hotel I have seen all of Las Vegas lights! When I left out outside the hotel, I was greeted by dancing fountains, a lot of crazy lights shining in the shop windows
  • Accommodation: I stayed in ‘Stratosphere’ hotel. Wonderful hotel with casino and panoramic tower [$ 25 x 1 pers., double room]

September 6th Thursday, 2012

  • Traveled by car: in the morning I rented a car in Las Vegas (I don’t remember where, maybe at the ‘McCarran International Airport’ [$ 204 x 1 person, total cost $ 816] —–> and welcome to Las Vegas Outlets (after that I promised myself: ‘I will not buy anything anymore!’)
  • Traveled by car: from Las Vegas Outlet —–> to ‘Hoover Dam’ (Nevada). I can’t describe all the American beauties in words, so I’ll occasionally quote from the personal letters I wrote with the hottest impressions to my loved ones: ‘Hello! Today I went to Arizona and saw the ‘Hoover Dam’. It is between Arizona and Nevada. No one, no photos, no words will tell the feeling and beauty ‘
  • Accommodation: I stayed in ‘Motel 6’. A widespread network of motels in America

September 7th Friday, 2012

  • Traveled by car: from ‘Motel 6’ —–> to ‘Grand Canyon National Park’ (Arizona). It is the most beautiful national park for me. The canyon has a special, free bus that takes you to the sightseeing spots. Various activities and entertainment are available in the National Park. It’s better to see it once than 100 times to hear about it
  • Walked on foot. The picnic at ‘Kaibab Lake’ (State of Montana), food was purchased in the shop
  • Accommodation: I stayed in ‘Motel 6’, Barstow, California [$ 10.40 x 1 pers.]

September 8th Saturday, 2012

  • Traveled by car: from ‘Motel 6’, Barstow, California —-> to Barstow Outlet, I had breakfast at Wenndy’s
  • Traveled by car: I drove to Los Angeles – traffic is huge!
  • Accommodation: I stayed in ‘Motel 6’, California  [$ 21.25 x 1 pers. quadruple room]. Quote from the personal archive: ‘Today is the eighth day of travel, Saturday, I am at Los Angeles motel, 9th floor. I am sitting on the hotel balcony, 7 planes visible at one moment! Not only on earth is crazy traffic, but also in heaven! Now is 9:24 pm. In the morning I was in the Outlet (STOP! I said I won’t buy? Forget, it is not impossible!). I’m going to taste California wine and go rest’.

September 9th Sunday, 2012

  • Walked on foot/ traveled by car – visited objects:
  • ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ – I was lucky enough to see the star alley until the bus door opened and did not get out of 1001 Japanese tourists. I advise you to come early in the morning
  • ‘Hollywood Signt’ – I wanted to climb near signt… but it is not legal
  • ‘Loca the Museum of Contemporary Art’ – I like it a lot [$ 7 x 1 pers., with student pass]
  • Hollywood Central Park
  • Broadway Theater District
  • The ‘Watts Towers Arts Centre’ – was art event I entered for free, unplanned. There I saw paintings, sculptures, artistic dance shows, free wine and snacks
  • Traveled by car: from Hollywood —–> to Santa Monica Beach. Bathing! Crazy waves!
  • Traveled by car: from Santa Monica Beach —–>  to Ventura Beach. Dinner at the beach, I bought food from the local store
  • Traveled by car: from Ventura Beach —–> to Santa Barbara. The way to Santa Barbara along the ocean. Breathtaking views
  • Accomodation: I stayed in ‘Motel 6’, Santa Barbara, Goleta [$ 21.25 x 1 pers., quadruple room] – modern room with bathtub, pool outside, near motel is popular shop centre ‘CVS’

September 10th Monday, 2012

  • Traveled by car: breakfast at Goleta Beach, food purchased from the shop
  • Traveled by car: to Monterey Beach. Quote from the personal archive: ‘Monterey Beach. I am siting in the beach, the sun hasn’t come down yet. Monterey is California’s fishing town,I had lunch in the café by the fireplace. In the town next to the each restaurant, people gave me to a taste of ‘Creamy clam showder’ so I had taste so much that I already ate 🙂
  • Traveled by car: from Monterey California Fisherman’s Town ——> I’m driving to San Francisco, where I will spend two days — I have never before driving such fast traffic between so many cars. QuoteFrom my personal archive: ‘I came to San Francisco! Oh God, what a driving, and how are the cars flows here! Now is 9:32 pm, I will go to look around. I’m so excited! ‘
  • Walked on foot: the city of San Francisco at night time surprised me. I was walking down to the street with shiny and luxurios buildings and here the homeless were sleeping, around the corner not such beautiful buildings and here again something you can admire and another beggar… Night in San Francisco seemed like poverty and wealth in one. A city full of contrasts
  • Accommodation: I stayed in ‘Motel 6 ″ [$ 36.25 x 1 pers., quadruple room]. This time, I heared pairs bark in the adjacent room all night, under the windows a lot of walking beggars, migrating from one street to another. I stayed here for two nights. ‘Dior’ nail polish disappeared after a housekeeper visit

September 11th Tuesday, 2012 

  • Walked on foot: I watched seals at the marina in Pier 39. It seems to be a very popular spot for seals to rest and spectators to watch
  • Lunch: in the queue for the ‘Mama’s’ café which was recomended on the ‘TripAdvisor’ page, I was waiting for 40 minutes. The menu doesn’t change since 1964, pancakes with a divine taste. It was worth the wait
  • Traveled by cable car: I drove with San Francisco’s popular Cable Cars —-> to ‘The Louis & Rose Season gallery’. There was ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ exhibition of paintings
  • Walked on foot: I went straight ahead Haight – Ashbury district (lots of hippies, tobacco shops)
  • Walked on foot: ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ – fantastic! Step on the bridge just for photo, I didn’t go through the bridge. From a personal archive: ‘Yesterday night walk left such an impression – poverty and riches in one. Well, now I’m going to look around San Francisco in the day time. I visited a church where not only cozy but also dark, very interesting. American pancakes with maple syrup, strawberry jam were wonderful! City Tower overlooking the long San Francisco Bridge. City Park, Botanical Garden. Very cold wind today. Maybe +15 degrees. I was on the Golden Bridge, unreal ! I am already at the motel. I’m damn tired, I walked all over San Francisco city center, 12 hours on my feet. Plus impressions at every step. Sleeping will be sweet :))) ‘
  • Accommodation: in ‘Motel 6’ San Francisco [$ 36.25 x 1 pers., quadruple room] in the same motel as last night

September 12th Wednesday, 2012

  • Traveled by car: to ‘Sequoia National Park’. When driving to Sequoia NP, I had to rise to a height of 3000 feet, a winding road in the mountains. In ‘Sequoia National Park’ not only the largest, but also the greatest trees I have ever seen. I walked around the park, sat on a hill above the top of the trees, the sun was shining. A small bear ran the road! From the personal archive: ‘Wednesday. Sequoia National Park. I climbed up to the mountain / cliff, I was at 7000 feet hight (one foot about 30 cm). At the top is so perfect view that you stop breathing for a second…Let’s go to the hotel. The road is very winding. Well, about the trees of Sequoia: they grow for 3 thousand years. About 50 people would need a tree to hug. Plus here was the biggest tree descending! It’s great.
  • Accommodation: in ‘Motel 6’, Bakersfield, California [$ 11.25 x 1 pers.]

September 13th Wednesday, 2012

  • Traveled by car. ‘Death Valley’ is the path through the valley. It’s very hot here. Road signs everywhere – do not switch on the air conditioner in the car, because the engine will be overheated
  • Lunch: I stopped at the death valley shop. Everything looks like after a war: in the vegetables section – boots, in the meat section – toys, there are several lights, and the seller instead of one hand has a hook. REALLY.
  • Traveled by car: I passed ‘Death Valley’ at +45 degrees. I inquired that there are moving stones in this valley, scorpions live and now is 3:27 pm I still at don’t have breakfast. I drink boiling water all the way, left 2 hours to Las Vegas
  • Traveled by car: I see civilization. 5:00 pm – breakfast at McDonald’s Restaurant
  • Accommodation: I stayed in ‘Stratosphere Hotel’, Las Vegas [$ 32.50 x 1 pers., Quadruple Room]. Wonderful hotel with casino and panoramic tower. I played the casino. I didn’t win. I visited a church where you can get married in 5 minutes

September 14th Friday, 2012. Two travelers, 7 days trip

  • Traveled by car: I returned rented car to Las Vegas at 11:00 am (as I said I don’t remember where I rented a car)
  • Traveled by taxi: to ‘McCarran International Airport’ Las Vegas (LAS) [$ 9 x 1 pers.]
  • Traveled by plane: 2:30 pm from ‘McCarran International Airport’ Las Vegas (LAS) ——> to ‘Boston Logan International Airport’ (BOS)

September 15th Saturday, 2012

  • Traveled by taxi: from ‘Boston Logan International Airport’ (BOS) —–> to Bostono ‘Greyhound’ Bus Station (Boston, MA) [$ 9 x 1 pers.]
  • Traveled by bus: from Boston ‘Greyhound’ Bus Station (Boston, MA) —–> to ‘Port Authority’ Bus Terminal (New York) [$ 15,25 x 1 pers.]
  • Walked on foot/ traveled by car – visited objects:
  • ‘Liberty Statue’ (I saw the object from far away)
  • ‘Empire State Building’ – New York panorama during the day. I don’t remember what I feel on the 86th floor, but there were wonderful views
  • ‘Bodies…The Exhibition’ [$ 29, 94 x 1 pers.]. Worthy of attention exhibition
  • ‘Times Square’ –night life
  • Accommodation: [I stayed for free] The State of New Jersey

September 16th Sunday, 2012

  • Traveled by car [for free]: New Jersey Safari Zoo, Six Flags [$ 22,99 x 1 pers.]
  • Shopping in one of New Jersey ‘Shopping Mall’
  • Accommodation: [I stayed for free] The State of Pennsylvania

September 17-19th Monday-Wednesday, 2012

  • Time spend in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
  • Accommodation: [I stayed for free] The State of New Jersey

September 20th Thursday, 2012

  • Traveled by car: [for free]: 7:00 am to ‘Port Authority Bus Terminal (New York)
  • Traveled by bus: from ‘Port Authority Bus Terminal (New York) —–> 11:00 am to Bostono ‘Greyhound’ Bus Station (Boston, MA)
  • Traveled by plane: from ‘Boston Logan International Airport’ (BOS) —–>  to ‘Frankfurt Airport’ (Germany) [I don’t remember the price of plane ticket]

September 21th Friday, 2012

  • Traveled by plane: 10:50 am from ‘Frankfurt Airport’ (Germany)  —–> 14:00 pm to ‘Vilnus Airport’ (VNO) [I don’t remember the price of plane ticket]

My Travel Costs:

  • Bus tickets = $ 30,50 x 1 pers.
  • Taxi in Las Vegas = $ 14 x 1 pers.
  • Taxi in Boston = $ 9  x 1 pers.
  • Annual Pass = $ 20 x 1 pers.
  • Accommodations, food, entertainment, attractions= $ 514,25  x 1 pers.
  • Plane tickets (JFK-LAS-BOS) = $ 232,70 x 1 pers.
  • Airline ticket prices from Lithuania to United States of America – I don’t remember the price of plane ticket

Total = $ 820,45

TRIPTIP - travel tips: 

* Save money and buy National
Park Annual Pass before yuo
travel. It's cost $ 80 for a
car, where can be the driver
and three adult passengers,
pass valid for one year from
purchase date.

*Save money by booking
accommodations before
you travel, if it is not
necessary to stay overnight
in the big cities,It's will
be more cheaper to stay
in small cities hotels.

* Compare car rental prices
before you go and book
a car.

–convert to your currency.